What Can Make People Angry?

anger emotions Jun 14, 2023

Anger can be one of the most powerful emotions in a person's life. It can be expressed outwardly or hidden away by its owner, but the underlying root cause is often the same. Knowing what can trigger someone's anger is critical to understanding ourselves and others better, so it's worth understanding what can make people angry. From minor inconveniences to life-altering events, there are many reasons why a person could become infuriated, and it's essential to learn how to recognize and respond accordingly so that we don't unintentionally cause hurt or damage with our words or actions.

People can feel angry for various reasons.

It's nice to be kind to people, so making others angry is the least you want to do if you want to be on good terms with people. Anger is an emotion we experience sometimes, and it's normal to be angry when something doesn't feel right or violates our boundaries. Every person is capable of being angry, and the reasons can vary for each individual. Each person has different tolerance limits before they burst into outrage or do something unpleasant toward the offender. You probably don't want to find out until when someone can hold out before they lash out at you, so it can be a good idea to find out some things that can anger people and avoid doing them as much as possible.

1. Assaulting someone physically

Hitting someone physically is a surefire way to get someone angry, regardless if you did it for no reason or as retaliation for someone doing or saying something terrible to you. There's something about getting hurt physically, even more so if someone inflicts it. Physical fights usually happen once arguments reach their peak and if people cannot control their anger anymore. As much as possible, one should not easily hit someone for any reason, as you will most likely also get hit by who you attacked and get into worst-case scenarios.

2. Verbal assault

Verbal assault is a speech associated with threatening behavior meant to inflict pain on someone and trigger anger. It can range from shouting at someone, swearing, making threats, name-calling, blackmailing, using words that degrade others' reputations, etc. It is not a healthy way of communication, and depending on the person, people may retaliate when you do this kind of speech to them. Once or twice may not make someone feel anger, but assault someone verbally multiple times, and you are probably going to reap what you sow. Attacking someone verbally may not feel as impactful as a physical assault, but sometimes, they can sting more than a physical hit, turning anybody into an angry person.

3. Being insensitive when someone is in distress

Each of us experiences troublesome times in our lives, and people can be more prone to expressing anger if treated the wrong way while in pain. Even if someone doesn't mean harm in their act, it can rub someone wrong, as someone may be seen as insensitive. For example, making jokes on a subject related to a person's current circumstance can make them express anger. If somebody's relative just died, do not try making jokes about death, as it may trigger the grieving person. Also, try not to act too cheerful when somebody is feeling down, as your actions may be seen as an annoyance. It is essential to be sensitive to what other people are currently feeling and don't do something that can make them start feeling angry.

4. Overstepping your boundaries

Every person has a limit dictating when somebody can come in and interfere in their life. These boundaries are meant to be respected, as we all have certain things we like to keep private and personal. The moment someone steps over these boundaries, even if it is a family member or close friend, one may start to have relationship issues and be angry at the one that violates their boundaries. As such, we must be clear and tell people until what point they can meddle and do something with our lives so that they will know their limits and not violate our feelings, which can lead to anger issues if things are not made clear.

5. Ignoring someone

Validation, acceptance, and recognition are some things that many people want to receive from others. Not being accepted for who we are or not getting recognized for our efforts can be a deal-breaker for some of us and make us harbor ill feelings toward others, especially for those that are supposed to give these things to us, such as a supervisor at work who is tasked with giving us feedback or people who are the audiences of something we like to show. Ignorance can also be where a person feels like an invisible existence because others don't notice them, or none of their efforts get merit from others. Being ignored for a long time can build up anger and aggression in one's mind and cause them to do actions that may hurt others if left unchecked.

6. Saying something that goes against another's belief or perspective

We all have our ideas and views about many things, holding firmly to them and serving as the basis for our actions and decisions. It is inevitable that, at some point, we will encounter someone with different beliefs and perspectives than us. Respect is vital when we communicate with each other while holding on to varying beliefs. Without respect, we can become too outspoken about what we believe and dismiss the opinions of others. Such behavior can result in a tense situation, such as heated arguments that can even lead to physical assault if stress levels and anger management are left unchecked. To avoid fights, we can learn to listen to what others say, respect their opinion if they cannot be persuaded to change, and maintain our stance quietly without being too intrusive on others.

7. Doing any act that goes against the law, affects us negatively, or shows a lack of discipline and respect

Many kinds of actions can be the causes of anger for different people, and it is pretty much guaranteed that doing any act that affects someone negatively can make them angry toward you. Criminal acts, manipulative actions, unruly behavior, breaking promises, cheating on someone, humiliating or making fun of someone, being a hypocrite, and the list goes on. These are just a few examples of actions and behavior that can create angry people because of the hurt feelings they experience when they receive such actions. Uncontrolled anger can lead to acts of revenge, so people who become victims of such actions must seek support from trusted people and bring their concerns to the proper authorities.

Don't make someone angry if you don't like experiencing angry feelings yourself.

Uncontrolled anger leads to acts that can be damaging both physically and mentally. It is challenging to resolve things when anger is the dominating feeling in the air. That's why it is essential in the first place that we don't do anything that can anger people, especially if we don't fully know somebody and where they are coming from. One's upbringing and experiences in life can affect how quickly or slowly one can get angry over various things, and some may be currently experiencing something problematic or have mental health problems. Whatever the background and reason for someone's anger, we should be more sensitive to others' lives and treat them with kindness and respect. The world can be a much better place to live if we learn to manage anger and not quickly blow our fuses over the slightest thing.

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