What a Life Coach Should Not Do

life coach personal development personal growth Apr 13, 2022

There are several things that life coaches should not do while practicing the profession. Coaches often work with vulnerable people and look to them for guidance, so it is vital to maintain a high level of professionalism. This blog post will discuss things life coaches should avoid to protect their clients and maintain their integrity.

What are life coaches?

Hearing the term "life coach" can sound vague for those unfamiliar with the profession. However, life coaches are trained professionals who provide services to clients to aid in their development and personal growth. They talk with their clients to figure out their problems and help them get where they want to be using various systems to formulate steps and check their clients' progress to ensure that they meet their goals. Sometimes, one might confuse the work scope of life coaches with other professions, such as therapists or motivational speakers. It's essential to know what a life coach can do for you and what they cannot so as not to get the wrong expectations. Life coaches should also know their limits, not providing their clients with false solutions or misleading them. The following are things that life coaches should not do while practicing their profession.

1. Life coaches should not treat mental health conditions

It's easy to confuse a life coach with a therapist due to some similarities in how they conduct their work. Both professions involve talking to the client to get to know them better and prescribing solutions depending on the client's situation. However, there is a stark difference. Therapists focus on digging in the client's past to figure out why the client is in their present situation and then provide a solution to help them get better in the future. Also, therapists are trained professionals in providing mental health treatment, whereas a life coach may not be unless they also take a degree in psychology and have the proper credentials. Life coaches focus more on the present and assessing how they can help you get better in the future. One does not go to a life coach when they have a mental health problem, and neither does a life coach should attempt to provide such treatment.

2. Life coaches should not treat life coaching as just a money-making venture

The life coaching industry has been around for quite some time, and it's quite a lucrative industry. So it's no wonder why many people want to become life coaches, and it's pretty easy to turn into one. However, the life coaching business is not as strictly and universally regulated as other professions, such as a therapist, where one must be licensed and finish the proper training before becoming a professional. As a result, people can label themselves as life coaches without formal training and start giving advice and solutions to other people and earning money. It's no secret that some individuals tarnish the reputation of the life coaching practice because of this. A wannabe life coach can give the wrong solutions to people all because they want to earn some quick cash.

Some successful life coaches earn lots of money, like Tony Robbins, so one might think that life coaching is an easy route to getting wealthy. But imagine making money just by advising people; how cool can that be? However, life coaching should not be treated as a sideline to create some quick wealth. Instead, it's a profession that one should take seriously like others. Giving the wrong advice to people can destroy their careers and lives. The most successful life coaches took years before they got to where they are and established their reputation through quality and effective service. So if you are planning to become a life coach or are just starting as one, treat the profession seriously and not only to earn money.

3. A life coach should not solve a client's problem by themselves

As a client, you might be looking to hire a life coach to provide a quick fix to your problems. Unfortunately, that's not how life coaching works. Life coaches are not all-knowing individuals who possess the answers to whatever predicament a client may have. Instead, life coaches are experts at knowing you better through coaching sessions so they can figure out what's causing your problems and then direct you to the proper course of action to solve the problem on your own. A good life coach will encourage the client to discover their true potential and solve their issues through guidance and support from a life coach. No matter how tempting it might be, life coaches should not solve a client's problem themselves, even if they have the knowledge and skill. Otherwise, clients will not experience personal growth and development, which is the aim of life coaching.

4. A life coach should not resort to fakery

When a life coach is not serious about the profession, it's easy to resort to using lies and deceit to inflate one's reputation to earn money. Therefore, to conduct the life coaching practice, one should not use misleading marketing, overhyped promotions, or fake testimonials from nonexistent clients. Also, a life coach should not deliver false promises or provide advice on things that the coach does not know about anything. Instead, life coaching should be genuine, and one who is in the industry should have a heartfelt desire to help other people.

Helping others achieve personal development is a serious business.

To grow in life, one must go beyond their current capabilities and strive to unlock their full potential. However, not all people can figure out all the answers by themselves, and this is where life coaching comes in. As one can see, an individual's career and life are at stake when doing life coaching, so a life coach must know what to do. It's okay to commit mistakes early on, but they shouldn't become a habit. Successful coaches undergo years of practice to perfect their craft, so budding life coaches should learn some ideas and inspiration. Afterward, one should use his style and experience to help others achieve personal growth and development while avoiding the things that can make life coaching look bad in the eyes of others.

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