Tips on Finding a Good Life Coach

life coach personal growth Oct 05, 2021

What makes a life coach suitable? What qualities do they need to possess to be an effective and successful life coach? This article will explore these questions and provide tips on finding the right person for your needs.

Finding the proper life coach for you

The life coaching industry is a big one, and it has seen a boom in recent years. However, if you ever come to a point in your life when you decide to hire a life coach, it can be tough to look for the right one. Just because a life coach is well-known and has a big reputation behind his name doesn't mean he will be a perfect fit for you. A great life coach is someone that knows what he is doing and can create synergy with you, both on addressing your needs and working with you as a person.

The ideal coach you would like to hire has the proper training and credentials from professional organizations that give accreditation, like the International Coaching Federation. Unfortunately, some life coaches claim to be one without having any experience or training, so stay clear from those. You have to do the screening process yourself before hiring a life coach, so research every information that you can about the life coach you are looking to hire. Most coaches offer an initial free consultation either through video chat or phone call. You can use this initial free session to feel if the life coach fits you. The following are things you should look for in your prospective coach.

1. Find a coach who "walks the talk."

While looking for a life coach, you'll probably encounter coaches who promise you things like making more money or instantly turning your business into a successful one. Don't get easily swayed by promises, particularly the get-rich-quick schemes. The best coach you can get is listening to you and making you successful based on what you want to do. The best coach also went the same path as you and became successful later in his life.

A good life coach is transparent, meaning that the coach will share articles and videos showing his work experience with others. While looking for the best life coach, you might come across some who do this practice, and these are the kind of coaches you would like to work with together. There are also reviews and testimonials from other people and past clients that give additional testimony to what a coach can do. A life coach that has been there and done that is the one you should be working with together.

2. Look for a coach that will make you accountable

It's essential to have the right mindset when you want to work with a life coach. The best life coaches strike a balance between being a friend and a disciplinarian, which includes making you accountable. You don't want a life coach to console you and enable your bad habits as you won't become successful this way. On the other hand, you also don't want somebody that's overly authoritarian as it might conflict with your personality and beliefs. A coach who can push you out of your comfort zone and make you accountable if you did something wrong while at the same time acting as a friend to help you is the kind of coach you want to hire.

3. A good coach has credible and trustworthy references

The most successful life coaches leave a lasting impression on their clients, and it will show on their reviews and testimonials of the life coaches they have worked with together. While you are still in the process of searching, check what other people say about the life coach you are looking to hire. If a life coach has mostly negative reviews, you will want to look elsewhere. Next, look at the success stories, if there are any, of coaches. You can usually find this information on their website. A coach who gets referrals from many trustworthy and respected people is a good sign of getting their job done right.

4. Hire a coach that shares your beliefs and morals

It's hard to work with somebody who has beliefs and morals that conflict with yours, and this is particularly true when working with a life coach. A coach should not intrude on your thoughts and force his ideas on you. A great coach adjusts his working style with you and respects what you believe. A good coach will work according to your terms. However, if your coach finds some of your beliefs are causing problems for you, he might correct them, so you have to prepare for something like this as a client.

5. Work with a coach that you can establish a good rapport

Life coaching is a bit of a long-term engagement, so it's essential to work with a coach that you can build a good rapport working with together. Initially, it's possible to get a hold of a coach's services for free by engaging in his free stuff like watching videos, reading free e-books, or going through his blog. You can get some firsthand experience of a coach's working style by doing this thing. Once you are ready, you can try the initial consultations to know your coach better. Ultimately, you want to build a trusting relationship with your coach. You want to have the proper resonance where you and your coach agree and trust each other, and work together in meeting your goals.

Life coaching for personal development

Life coaching can prove to be an exceptional service if you try every option available to you, and none of them works. Working with a life coach might sound new to you, but it wouldn't hurt to try it. You must be willing to work with someone together if you want to do some life coaching, and this includes changing some habits to meet your biggest dreams.

A common idea for most clients is to hire a life coach only when the problem is already there. It's best to hire a life coach while you are still starting your career so that he can guide you all the way to achieve success while you are at it. You want to get tangible results from your coaching so that your investment won't go to waste. Please take note of the things we mentioned in this article to make sure you get proper coaching services from the right coach.


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