Tips on Finding a Good Business Coach

business coach business coaching Sep 27, 2021

Finding a good business coach is not always easy, but it doesn't have to be complicated. However, there are some things you should keep in mind when searching for the right person to help your business grow and succeed. This blog post will discuss what these things are and how they can make a difference in finding the perfect match.

Why engage in business coaching?

As a business owner or entrepreneur, the idea of getting a coach to help you achieve your goals might be new. However, the life coaching industry has seen a boom in recent years, and many individuals now provide coaching services to many clients. The main thing with coaching is hiring a life coach to help you and provide support to a specific area of your life that you need guidance on to meet goals. Life coaches can have different specializations, and one of them is business. Business coaches work primarily with business owners and entrepreneurs. However, there might come a time where you, as a small business owner, find yourself in a tight position, and as such, you might think getting help from someone will aid you in coming up with a solution to meet your business goals. A situation like this is where the expertise of a business coach can help in making you successful.

There is one problem, though: there are so many business coaches out there that finding the right coach can be a daunting task. Try searching online and go to business coach directories, and you will find a lot of potential candidates. Finding a business coach that is a good fit and match for you is crucial as there are some coaches out there who only pose as a professional but don't have the skills to back up their claim. The following tips should help you find the right business coach.

1. Check their profiles

When looking for a business coach, imagine yourself as a hiring professional who screens out candidates so you will find the next worthy applicant that can work for your company. After all, you are the business owner, so you want somebody who can help you and not someone who offers false promises. When searching for coaches, you're most likely able to check their profiles. Business coaches are usually generous enough to share information on who they are, their achievements, how long they are in the business, etc. Take note that a business coach can still be a pretty broad classification, and a business coach can have expertise in particular areas like finance management, business development, or small business coaching. Check for somebody that has experience and knowledge in the specific niche that needs addressing. You can check in a profile's rates, location, and certifications, and training they possess. Credentials are essential as these will indicate that a business coach is a professional.

2. Read the reviews

While checking the profiles of business coaches, it is also possible to come across reviews and testimonials of other people. You can find reviews on the website itself, the coach's profile, or social media sites. Reading these reviews can give you a better idea of who the coach is and how much industry experience he has when dealing with clients. Pay attention to the critical reviews. Be objective when reading criticisms and try to validate if they are true. Even the best coach can have complaints, so check if they are just misplaced comments or accurate. Past clients of a coach can give you an idea of a business coach's coaching style and professional experience so you can see if a coach is a right fit for you.

3. Consider what they offer

Business coaching services differ on the type of service you will get depending on the coach. There is no single, uniform approach for solutions. The best coaches customize their programs and systems depending on what the client needs. Check what kind of coaching package a business coach offers and see if it's a good match for you. These packages come with costs, and they can be hourly or monthly, or both, so know how much you are willing to invest before hiring a business coach. Also, check if the coach's methodology will work for you and it is the same thing you like to do to meet your goals.

4. Try out for free first

Coaching sessions come with costs, but you can get an initial feel of the service without spending money. Try to see if any videos or articles show how a particular coach works and if the coach's working style resonates with you. Many coaches also offer free consultations. Small business owners can benefit from these free consultations to interview as many coaches as they want until they find the right one. Speak with the coach during the interview and ask essential questions to see if the coach can establish a good rapport with you. A coach's personality can also leak through the interviews. Be wary of coaches who speak too much about themselves and focus on their wealth and success. You want a coach that is genuinely interested in you and listens and asks questions about you. Ask a coach during an interview how long they have been in their coaching career. The standard bet is to hire a business coach with many years of experience, but it's possible to hire a newer one if you sense good compatibility between you and the coach.

5. See how they will communicate with you

Most coaches do their sessions online, so you need to figure out how they communicate with their clients and how often they do it. During the initial interview, ask the coach how they will share with you. Then, consider how often do you want to communicate with your coach. Some coaches might not regularly respond through e-mails, while others might be more actively responding in messaging apps. A coach may contact you regularly to check your progress, while others will only do it once in a while or strictly during coaching sessions. Work with a business coach whose schedule and communication frequency matches yours. If possible, try to work with a business coach available in your local area, so it's easier to follow up if something goes wrong.

Work with the right business coach.

Once you have found a business coach that meets most or all of the things mentioned above, the last thing that can determine whether you want to work with the coach is you. If you found yourself opening up about your worries to the coach, and the coach listens to you and is very willing to help you, and your gut feeling tells you the coach is the right one, then go for it. Engaging in a coaching service isn't about giving advice. A coach's process involves managing you as the client to overcome challenges on your own with the guidance of your coach using the right tools and resources to help you. A good coach can provide you with constructive criticism and an unbiased opinion of what you are doing wrong and then push you to do the right thing to succeed. You will want to work with a coach that respects your company values and professional life and can lead you to achieve what you want.

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