Tips in Dealing with Disappointment

disappointment emotions personal growth Jul 16, 2021

Tips in Dealing with Disappointment

What is the best way to deal with disappointment? A lot of people don't know how to handle it. In this article, we will discuss tips for dealing with feelings of disappointment and provide some insight on how you can change your outlook on life.

We've all experienced it before: that sinking feeling in the pit of our stomach when a big event or goal doesn't go as planned. What do we do when we feel disappointed? It's easy to focus on what went wrong instead of what could have gone right. If you want to learn how to move past disappointment, read on!

We all experience disappointment

Disappointment is a part of life, just like how failure is. We have to accept this fact. At various points in our life, we can get disappointed because things didn't happen the way we wanted them to be. A lot of things in life create disappointment, even more so when we expect too much that things should happen in a certain way.

Do not dwell on the negative

It's only normal to feel down after you got disappointed with something in your life. However, you can't just stay down all the time. You have to move forward after the disappointment. Use the experience as something of a stepping stone to help you become better the next time.

Focus on the positive

The key thing with disappointment is you need to keep going after it has happened. Keep trying and improving for your personal growth. Chances are the next time you try to do something, it will now be a success and you won't feel disappointed anymore. You can also try lowering or adjusting your expectations a bit, make them a bit realistic. Change your expectations in line with what you are capable of or how much you think you can handle in case things do not happen the way you wanted them to be.

Talk to someone who can offer emotional support

We have different coping mechanisms when something bad happens to us and that includes the time it takes before we pick up ourselves again after we got disappointed. It might be difficult to pull this up alone and this is where friends and your support group can really help. Reach out to your family or friend when you feel disappointed. You can let out some of your grievances with them. In turn, they can provide you emotional support and might even give you some tips on how you can handle the situation. Even better, they might be the ones who can provide you direct help for whatever you are doing.

Take some time off

One thing you can try doing to better manage your emotions is to try doing something different after you got disappointed. Feel free to distract yourself for a while by watching TV, play some games, exercise, or just take a nap. Another thing you can try is to look back on what got you disappointed. Why didn't things work out? Your disappointments can become learning experiences for you to try out different approaches, see things from a different perspective. Doing this can help you shift from disappointment to taking action, thus lifting you out of the hole you are in after you got disappointed.

Moving forward

Recovering from disappointment takes time before you feel better. Handle disappointment like a learning experience, attack the issue, and get better and this is what will propel you to move forward. Make sure to surround yourself with positive people. You don't want to exacerbate the situation even further by mingling with negative people when you are feeling down. Being part of a support group or organization really helps so try joining one if you don't have any. Don't dwell too much on feeling disappointed and focus on getting better. It also wouldn't hurt to celebrate once success comes into your life.

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