There's Nothing Wrong with Being Quiet

communication silence Apr 18, 2023

We live in a society of big talkers and loud personalities, yet it's perfectly okay to be on the quieter side. Being introverted isn't a sign of weakness but a strength. After all, being quiet can grant you many benefits, such as increased focus, more profound thought and contemplation, and more meaningful connections with those around you. There's nothing wrong with being a silent observer and processing things before speaking; it should be embraced.

It's normal to be a quiet person.

Quiet people are no different from people who are more talkative and outgoing; the only difference is their preference for how often they will open their mouths and speak about something. And yet, if you have a quiet nature, you may have received comments from others or even directly asking you why you are so quiet, with people wondering if something is wrong with you. Perhaps some don't feel comfortable dealing with quiet ones because they can't make out what is happening in their minds, unlike talkative people whose personalities and beliefs may be more evident due to their more active and outgoing disposition.

Quietness doesn't have to be a source of being treated differently if you exhibit such a nature. It can be just a phase, or that's how some people are. People have different personalities; some prefer to stay silent more often than others. As somebody who is not that quiet, we should learn to respect others who are more silent than us, as they may be introverts or shy toward others. On the other hand, as someone who prefers silence, we shouldn't look down upon ourselves whenever someone treats us like a different person, as there is nothing wrong with us. There has to be an understanding between people of different personalities, and there are various reasons why someone may not like to talk that much.

People can be introverts or shy.

People assume that whenever somebody is quiet, something may be wrong with them to cause them to be that way. There could be something unfortunate that happened to them. Others may feel awkward or scared of quiet people because they can't figure out their thoughts. There is no moral obligation that states we should always speak out in public about what we are thinking about, and some things are better kept private. And then, there's also the fact that some people are just that: they are quiet because they may be introverted or shy.

It can be easy to conclude that somebody quiet may be shy because a shy person tends to avoid people because of a lack of confidence or social anxiety. Therefore, if somebody is quiet, it must be because they are nervous about being around people. However, there is also the case of introverted people. Confusing an introvert with a shy person is easy, but some differences exist. While both personality types lean on quietness, introverts don't necessarily have low self-esteem and are capable of interacting with others; it's just that introverts prefer to limit their interactions and choose what kind of conversations they participate in. Introverts may also like to engage in solitary activities like reading a book or listening to music, and they are perfectly fine doing these even without the company of people. So the next time we see someone who is quiet, it is essential that we don't get the wrong ideas in our heads and don't make judgments quickly, as the person may be an introvert, and they are fine staying that way because that's who they are.

Some prefer to think deeply and listen more.

Silence can be associated with concentration and having deep thoughts, so whenever we see someone quiet, especially if they are studying or are working on something, we shouldn't disturb them as they may be focusing on what they are doing. During conversations, we may also encounter that one person who is not spouting many words and seem to be only listening to what everybody else is saying. That individual may be a big-picture type thinker, meaning they are more interested in looking and talking about the bigger things that encompass others, hence why they don't engage in much small talk. Also, some people listen more to others than talk with others. This is because they find hearing new things and ideas more enjoyable, and they are fine with that.

There is nothing essential or worthy to talk about.

Most people will probably prefer hearing noise, such as the continued chatter between people, as being immersed in silence may feel awkward to them. On the other hand, many like to start a conversation with others, even if it's only small talk. It keeps the sounds going and drowns the silence. However, some are okay with silence and are fine without talking to anybody, even if they are together with their friends. The reason can be simple: they don't have anything exciting or essential to say, so they keep quiet. They will only talk if there is something urgent that others need to know or if they need something addressed with others.

Being quiet doesn't mean you are lonely or less than others.

Self-acceptance and understanding are two essential things when dealing with quietness. As a quiet person, you have to learn to accept yourself for who you are. As long as you feel comfortable and don't do anything that harms others, there is nothing wrong with you, and it doesn't make you any different from others. More talkative people should also see this perspective. They should not immediately judge or assume things when they see or deal with a quiet person. We shouldn't jump to conclusions unless we know the whole reality and truth behind why somebody is quiet. Just like we should respect and treat each other properly when we have different personality types, the same thing should also be done with quiet people, as they are just another type of people with a unique personality that gives more variety to how people interact each other.

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