The Value of Being Different

personal growth success uniqueness Sep 13, 2022

Do you want to be successful? If so, you need to be different. It's not enough to do the same things as everyone else. It would be best if you found a way to stand out from the crowd and be unique. When you're different, people will take notice. They will be intrigued by what you have to offer, and they will want to learn more about you. Being different can bring several benefits to your life, including more significant success in your career and more happiness in your relationships.

All human beings are different.

Humans can be pretty complicated. On the one hand, there's this idea that we should stand out and express our unique characteristics to be who we are and do what we want to do. But meanwhile, there's also the idea that everyone should conform and do what everybody else does; otherwise, you face the scrutiny and judgment of others. If society wants you to be different, then why do others judge you if you do it? Fear then strikes people's hearts, causing them to mimic what others do to avoid judgment.

Some clarification needs to be made here. Technically speaking, we are all different. No two individuals will have the same characteristics and traits, such as having identical body measurements or possessing the same skillset and personality. Without exerting any effort, we are already unique and different from others. At the same time, people also have many similarities in the broader sense. For example, people can have the same interests and hobbies, but the exact preference may differ for each individual. Two individuals may like playing basketball, but each may have a different playstyle. In short, people possess both similarities and differences, and it's up to us which one to emphasize. Prioritizing similarities works well for cooperation and unity among people. However, if you want to stand out and have more personal growth and success, you may want to tap into what makes you unique from others and recognize the value of being different.

1. It feels liberating

Conformance can be stifling and stressful. You may do things you don't like but do them anyway for fear of judgment. While conformity may work to a certain degree, you may start to hate yourself for acting and thinking differently from who you are. Expressing your difference is a courageous act. It means going against the tide by doing something that others may oppose. But once you fully accept yourself and embrace your uniqueness, you will have more freedom to express and do what you want. There's no more need to hide behind a mask.

2. You can form a connection with like-minded people

Being different may create a fear in others that they will get treated like outcasts and lose friendships for not doing the same thing as others. However, being different may not be so different after all. We mentioned before that people also share many similarities. Chances are good that your uniqueness may resound to somebody else with the same experiences and interests as you. Some groups and organizations cater to niche interests, and you may want to join one and get surprised that there are others like you. Also, some people can appreciate your unique perspective and like those who can express themselves and stand out from the rest.

3. You feel more motivated and inspired

Two things may happen when you express your difference and encounter people who talk down on you. Either conform or fight against the tide and continue working and thinking about what's motivating you. If it's the latter, you become more inclined to pursue whatever matters to you, be it a goal or simply the desire to express yourself. Pushing for something that most do not expect or is against the norm may be harder to fulfill since there is resistance from others. However, you may bring out something novel or a game-changer with what you can offer.

4. Being different can be your road to success

Standing out and being different can be a competitive advantage for you. You can bring something fresh and new to whatever field of interest or career you decide to pursue. One is bound to see the same thing over time with so many people possessing the same skillset and knowledge. For somebody who is looking for unique talent, they will want to see someone who can bring a different perspective. Pursuing fields like the arts, entertainment, or the sciences is advantageous if you possess something special that can bring value to others. You can make a living out of your uniqueness and establish a career around it.

5. You will get remembered by people

People with special skills and unique traits can get recognized by people more easily. Standing out from the rest can make you stick out from common and ordinary people. While being remembered can be a positive or negative experience, the fact is still that you made an impression on people's memories. You can be someone too special to somebody else's life. You may also make friends easily if they find you interesting and resonate with their beliefs and values in life.

6. You can be more honest

Part of being different is self-acceptance. You accept yourself and the many things that form part of your identity. It results in more honesty, and you can show your authentic self to others. You don't need to make up things or act in a certain way that is acceptable to others. What you do and think is according to who you are, and it's others' problem if they can't accept you for who you are. You feel less stress and pressure if the reality you are living is your own.

Having a unique perspective is not wrong.

There's no harm in being normal and doing what everybody else does. However, when you feel like life can be boring with all the similarities and think that you have something unique to offer the world, expressing your difference can help. Coming out as somebody different can be a challenging act. People may accept you positively or negatively depending on their values and beliefs in life. You have to realize that you are doing nothing wrong with expressing yourself as long as you are not hurting somebody else and doing morally correct actions. The different perspectives you can bring can present something unique amidst the sea of commonality and bring tremendous success and growth in your life.

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