The Ups and Downs of Being a Content Creator

content work Jun 16, 2023

Being a content creator is not for the faint of heart. It often requires one to put their heart and soul into creating quality content while navigating the ups and downs of the job. From balancing creative freedom with client expectations to engaging with an audience that can be both fickle and loyal, content creators need resilience and dedication to make it work. Understanding all the pros and cons of being a content creator is vital for anyone looking at this profession as a viable career path.

Content creation is a mainstream thing.

The term "content creator" won't exist on a list of viable career options if we discuss it in the past when technology is not yet dominant. However, becoming a content creator is now possible for anyone due to the advancement of technology, social media, and the availability of more tools and gadgets for our everyday use. So what does a content creator do?

Simply put, a content creator creates content for people to see and engage with. Content can refer to any media that present information to people for various purposes, such as education or entertainment. Content creators are the people who create blog posts, videos, or social media posts with images, and these are the kinds of content that you often see on websites and social media. Nowadays, working as a content creator can work as a career path for anybody that can create content and publish them out there, as well as possessing the tools and the knowledge to use software for editing content. It can start as a side gig that can become a full-blown job if you make it big and start raking in the profits. However, before becoming one, consider the pros and cons of being a content creator and see if this can work for you.


  • It is possible that the money you can earn from working as a content creator can surpass what you earn from your current job. However, for this to happen, you must be already driving traffic from people significantly in a consistent manner. A good part of your revenue from working as a content creator comes from ads placing their endorsements on your website or channel on whatever platform you use, such as YouTube. It would be best to have a significant following for companies to consider using you as an endorser for their products or services. Once you hit it big, you can earn money significantly, possibly even more than you can earn from a traditional job.
  • Most people want acceptance, attention, and recognition from others. One can get these things from being a content creator, especially for those that produce videos as content, and people get to see them on their videos. You could have loyal fans and followers that appreciate the media content you make, and you may even become friends with some of them. Working as a content creator can put you under the spotlight, and like celebrities, people can recognize you when you go out there, mainly if you are popular enough with what you are doing.
  • While content creation is pretty mainstream nowadays, it is still something that others may not consider "real" work because it involves things that don't follow people's usual paths to earn money. However, being a content creator can be a fulfilling career, especially if producing content that aligns with your passion and interests. Being a content creator is a highly creative and imaginative work, so if you see yourself as someone with an active imagination and creativity, content creation may be the thing for you. You work on something you like daily, which is good for motivation and productivity.
  • Content creation is a line of work that can allow you to live a lifestyle where you can have more time to do other things. It falls more in line with freelancing, as you are mostly your own boss and can create content whenever you want. Although platforms may require posting content regularly, they won't require you to come to an office, dress up, and do your work in a cubicle. You are granted more flexibility in producing content and can gain more time to do other things outside of work.


  • While anybody can become a content creator using the right tools and skills to produce content, not everyone can become a great content creator and make it big regarding popularity and the amount of money you can earn. Content creation is a type of work that relies on people's feedback and engagement, and people's interests can quickly change depending on what's trending. Creating content also requires skill in using gadgets and software for producing and editing content, along with using your creativity and imagination to make original content. If you are not proficient at these things, the quality of your output may be subpar. Also, you won't immediately earn big profits when starting as a content creator, as it takes time and effort before you build your name and reputation to gain significant followers.
  • You can be treated like a celebrity when you make it big as a content creator. This can work well for somebody who likes attention and acceptance from others. However, some of this attention from others can be negative, such as out-of-place criticisms, bullying, stalking, or bashing. Celebrities can experience a loss of privacy and unwarranted attention, and popular content creators can share the same. This is something to remember, mainly if you produce videos and let people see you in them.
  • Content creation can also be full-time work because you must commit to it. This is particularly true once you hit it big and create content regularly. You will devote more time to working on your content because you need to meet the expectations and demands of your audience. Otherwise, they may stop following or subscribing to your content if there are no regular updates. Once you enter this kind of state in content creation, you risk hating your passion and interests if you get too tired of creating content that utilizes what you are passionate about as the basis for content.

Should you go for it?

If you are thinking of becoming a content creator, the best answer we can give you is to try it as a hobby or a side gig. Do not expect to make it big quickly and earn money. See if you are comfortable doing it, especially regarding showing your face to the public. Learn the ropes of using technology to create and post your content, and see if people will bite into your ideas and gain a significant following.

Once you start seeing the numbers rise and get a large audience for your content, you may get offers from companies to use your platform as an ad space for their products or services and get paid generously. You may also get paid more by the platform where you host your content, such as YouTube. Once you see yourself reach this point, it's time to think whether you want to work as a content creator full-time and keep getting better at it to earn more profit. Just keep in mind that this kind of work can be unstable in that, at one point, people may be flocking to your content, and then suddenly, they lose interest and switch to content from another creator. Keeping up with trends and adapting to changes is necessary for this kind of career, and it will always be handy to have a backup plan in case you are not earning significantly anymore from creating content. It is worth trying if you have it in you to become a content creator and see how far you can go with your work.

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