The New Kobo Elipsa

The New Kobo Elipsa: First Impression

e-reader productivity device technical review Jun 03, 2021

We all love to read. Whether we're reading the latest bestseller or a self-help book, reading is an important part of our lives. But what if you could take your favorite books with you everywhere? And what if those books never had to be charged and were always available for instant download? That's exactly what Kobo has done with their new e-ink tablet! The Kobo Elipsa is a sleek, thin device that functions as both an e-reader and a tablet. It also features an active stylus and interesting platform that will allow readers to access their entire library of Kobo titles at any time!

The ability to have the Kobo library with a note-taker makes this e-ink tablet a great purchase for students who want to take notes. It also has a small size and lightweight that makes it perfect for reading on the go!

As I look at this for the first time, as you can see in the video, the Kobo Elipsa is a little wider and bulkier than the reMarkable 2 and Papyr e-ink tablets, but the form factor is not too bad.

I plan to use it this week to get a better feel for it and see if it can hold up as that one device could be a reader and a note-taker.

I think Rakuten Kobo is taking on a new world when it moves from just being a reader to note-taking. Here are a few of the things I like right out of the gate.

Things I like about the Kobo Elipsa first take:

  1. Having the ability to have my entire Kobo library on a device that can take notes. I love that it has OverDrive which allows me to get books for free; this basically pays for the device.
  2. The cover and the design and quality. I may not be a huge fan of the blue color of the Kobo Elipsa case, but the materials are quality.
  3. The entire kit comes for $399, which is a pretty good price point in this space and put the Kobo Eplipsa right in the range of the reMarkable, Onyx, and Quirklogic products.

I need a few weeks to really get a good test with it, and I have ordered mine direct from Kobo. If you are looking to figure out which device you want to use, you should make sure to do our quiz and subscribe to the MorningCoach® Youtube channel.

The Kobo Elipsa e-ink reader is a little more expensive than other e-readers, but it has some key features that I really love. The stylus and the ability to easily take notes make this perfect for someone like me who loves reading and writing, as well as being able to highlight parts of books or write down my own Ideas I will be bringing more here on the site and my Youtube channel over the next few weeks.


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