The Negative Effects of Being Too Popular

popularity success Mar 30, 2023

Being famous has its perks. People are drawn to those who are popular, and they often enjoy the benefits that come with it. However, there are a few drawbacks to being too popular. This blog post will discuss some of the adverse effects of being too popular, and one should be aware of them in case one plans to become famous.

Fame has two sides

Fame seems to be one of the things that many of us want to pursue. So it is understandable why someone would like to be famous, as several perks come attached to it. Money problems can quickly vanish due to the potential wealth one can earn from fame, such as celebrity work. The need for appreciation is also met due to people recognizing and valuing you for your status. Therefore, more opportunities open for somebody famous, and special treatment is given to them. Nowadays, achieving fame is even easier, thanks to social media and the Internet. Ordinary people can now shoot for popularity and become stars in their own right. Fame is not limited anymore to those who go through acting schools or undergo some training to become a celebrity. Also, remember that fame applies to people not in the entertainment industry but with a name and recognition for excelling in other fields, such as athletes, politicians, scientists, etc. One thing is for sure: being famous is advantageous for someone.

On the other side of the coin are the disadvantages of being famous. Therefore, one must become aware of such adverse effects if one decides to pursue fame and make a living from it. Unfortunately, some famous people are unprepared for such consequences, affecting their mental health. If you want to take the road to fame, you should be able to handle such matters to take advantage of the benefits. The following things may not bring a pleasant effect when one becomes popular.

1. Loss of privacy

If there is one thing that is sure to get lost once somebody reaches a significant amount of fame, it's privacy. From being a nobody and having few friends, one may suddenly get many fans and followers who know and adore you. It can be such an exhilarating experience to be a famous person, but there is a catch. What was once a private and personal life will now become public. People you don't have a close friendship with or are related to in some way will now become a part of your life. They will watch your every movement, even more so if they see what you do on social media and the Internet. Suddenly, doing basic things like going out to buy something or eating at a restaurant may become impossible since people may flock to you. Also, note that some of these people may have ill intentions or behavior toward you, adding another layer of anxiety. Famous people must also be careful with their words and actions, as people can quickly judge them and tear their careers apart if they blunder. In short, your life is not yours alone once you become famous; everybody now has a say in it and will observe your every movement.

2. Identity crisis

When you are a famous figure, you need to project a persona to the public that meets what they expect from you. This persona may be something that doesn't reflect who the individual truly is. A famous person can be seen as acting in an ideal way in front of others; they can't do anything that will destroy their image. In the case of celebrities, they have to perform various roles, too, aside from how they are expected to act with others. The constant acting may cause famous people to dissociate from themselves and have an identity crisis. They may confuse their true identity with their acting self or have mental health issues trying to figure out their true identity as their acting self and true self start to mix. Somebody cannot show and act freely as who they are if the public is out there to scrutinize them.

3. Fame means being more prone to judgments and criticisms

It's already a given that being famous equates to more chances of receiving judgments and criticisms from others. More people know prominent individuals than the average citizen. Most of the time, their activities get shown to the public, so more people know about them. There is a certain expectation of how famous people should act and speak based on people's perspectives and how they appear in various media. As a result, when a famed individual does something different or seems against the image people formed of them, they will quickly be judged for their actions, even if there is nothing morally wrong with them. People may associate perfectionism with fame so that criticisms will rain over the simplest mistake. Judgments also extend in the online world whenever famous people post something.

4. It can be not easy to know who your true friends are

Once you become famous, more people will inevitably want to associate themselves with you. Fans will like to be friends with you, and others will like to have some connection with you due to the prestige of knowing somebody famous. It can be challenging to deliberately seek closer friendships with people if some of them have other motives for getting closer to you. Others may like to advantage of you for the money, while others may use you to gain access to something they couldn't but was made possible because of somebody's fame. Knowing who your close friends are can be challenging if the relationships you gain feel hollow and don't seem sincere. Also, some people have nothing but ill intentions toward a famous person, such as stalking them, framing them for a nasty rumor to receive something in exchange, or robbing them because of their wealth. A renowned individual may have difficulties determining which will commit evil acts toward them due to their many followers and busy schedules.

Fame can be difficult to handle

Fame has apparent benefits, such as the immense wealth and ego boost it can give somebody who attains it. However, one should not chase it thinking it is such an easy thing to manage because once you reach that point, you will experience a drastic shift in your lifestyle that you may not be prepared to handle. Too much fame can make somebody drown in it and lead them to commit acts that may be immoral even if they already seem secure financially and feel happy. In addition, one's world will suddenly expand with fame, and you become the center of attention for many. Therefore, unless you know how to handle yourself and the opinions and expectations you will receive from others, you should think carefully if fame is something for you.

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