Sticky Note Replacement? MobiScribe vs Supernote A6 X

e-reader mobiscribe note taking supernote a6 x Jul 20, 2021

One of the most important things for a business is keeping track of notes and information efficiently. For some people, this means using sticky notes; but if you need to take more than one note at once or have many different types of information that needs storing, these can quickly become too much work. The MobiScribe and Supernote A6 X are devices designed to replace your traditional sticky notes with their unique strengths and weaknesses. This article will compare these two products: what they do well, how they differ from each other, and who would benefit best from which product.


The MobiScribe is an E Ink device that has a 6.8-inch touch screen display. It's got an internal 1 GB memory and has expandable storage. You can store notes in MobiCloud, and you can send them via e-mail. Real-time collaboration is also possible with MobiShare. It retails for 179 USD.

Based on personal experience, writing on the MobiScribe feels adequate. Its screen got a glass feel to it. You can quickly grab and use the device, so it works as a quick sticky note replacement. The notetaking aspect is good, and it's got a nifty little calendar on it where you can make notes and have them appear on it. However, there are some issues with the initial setup in that it might not be very intuitive. Also, the screen might be a little bit small to be used as a reader, so there might be some difficulty trying to read PDFs on it.

Supernote A6 X

The Supernote A6 X is a device similar to MobiScribe but with a bigger screen of 7.8 inches. Its got 32 GB of internal storage, 2 GB RAM, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. In addition, one can easily share files with a smartphone or PC by utilizing cloud storage. When buying the Supernote, there are several design options on how your want the folio of your device will look, including the stylus. It retails for 369 USD.

Based on personal experience again, the Supernote A6 X is a joy to use. Upon opening the device, you can immediately jump right into your notes. It's got a fast operating speed. The form factor is also lovely, and you can quickly grab and do some notetaking on it right away. The writing experience is smooth and has a clean feel to it. It feels different as compared to when writing on an iPad. I encountered some issues upon the initial setup, and a software upgrade is needed. As a reader, the screen might not be large enough to utilize it as one where you might have some difficulty reading small texts on it.

Should you buy the MobiScribe or Supernote A6 X?

So does the MobiScribe and Supernote A6 X act as sticky note replacements? Yes. In terms of that function, these two devices work great. Their designs are definitely for notetaking. The smaller form factor helps utilize them as a grab-and-go device for making notes without plastering multiple traditional sticky notes on the wall. Performance is excellent for both of these devices, and writing on them feels adequate.

One thing you should also consider is the price. The MobiScribe and Supernote are considerably cheaper than their larger counterparts like the reMarkable, Papyr, or Quaderno. Still, at the same time, they also have smaller screens compared to their bigger cousins. In addition, many significant E Ink device features are also present in the MobiScribe or Supernote A6 X, which is also something to consider. Of course, it all depends on the use case regarding what you will use the device.

Between the two, the Supernote A6 X is more powerful in terms of specs, more expensive, has a bigger screen, and is more stylish with multiple options for its folio. However, do not discredit the MobiScribe for what it can do at a price of under $200. It might be smaller than the Supernote A6 X, but it is still capable of notetaking for what it's worth. So if you are serious about notetaking and want more functionality and organizational capabilities for your notes, these devices are something to consider, and they can replace your sticky notes.


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