Rocketbook Review After 1 Year

frixion pen note taking rocketbook Jul 14, 2021

Are you looking for a notebook that will help you organize your life? Are you tired of the same old notebooks with too many pages and not enough space to write on them? The Rocketbook is a new type of notebook that offers so much more than traditional notebooks. This unique notebook comes with features like pens with special ink, microfiber cloth, and an app. Find out how it helped me stay organized in my life.

What is Rocketbook

A Rocketbook is a reusable notebook. You can write on its pages using a special pen that allows you to erase it later using a microfiber cloth that comes with it. You can then write something on the pages again, allowing for a possibly infinite number of uses.

FriXion pen

The special pen is known as the FriXion pen. It uses a special ink called the Pilot FriXion ink. This ink is what allows you to be able to erase what you have written on the pages. The FriXion pen comes in different colors for its ink, including black, blue, red, turquoise, purple, green, and pink.

Rocketbook app

If you have an iPhone or any Android smartphone, you can download the free Rocketbook app and utilize popular cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox. You can then use your smartphone to scan the pages and send them to your online destination, such as Google Drive. When you flip the Rocketbook pages, you can see a small QR code at the bottom of the pages, making it possible for your written note to get sent online.

My experience with the Rocketbook

I have purchased Rocketbooks in three sizes: a big one, a medium, and a mini, and they're called the Rocketbook Everlast. There are also the Pilot FriXion pens as well as the highlighters. I primarily used my Rocketbooks for taking notes about golf, readings, organizing, Sacred 6 daily, and using them as a journal.

After a year of usage, my Rocketbooks are still in good shape. They are hardy, and they do last. Writing on the pages feels excellent and satisfying. The FriXion pens feel very smooth and fluid. You can use the highlighters to highlight things, and just like the pens, you can erase the highlights. I find myself using my Rocketbooks consistently when I'm out and about.

I do with my Rocketbooks to use a permanent marker to write things that can act as a template. As an example, I used it to write a template for my daily schedule. I then use the FriXion pens to write whatever I will be doing for the day, erase them once done, and then write something new again the following day. What I do is just one thing that you can try doing with your Rocketbook.

My thoughts on the product after using it for one year

Rocketbooks are an excellent purchase to consider when you want to use something for notetaking in your business or whatever endeavors you have. Its investment is minimal considering its low price compared to more expensive devices like a tablet or an E Ink device like the reMarkable. It is an excellent notetaking system that you can carry with you anywhere. It's got a very slim profile. The spiral binding might put some people off, but it's pretty okay to cut the pages, too, if you want. They can get beat up a little bit, but these books last, and the pages can last a long time. You should consider getting one if you are serious about notetaking but do not have the budget to buy expensive devices that you can use for notetaking.


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