Remembering 9 11

legacy remembering 911 Sep 11, 2021


Those numbers mean so much to different people. It is amazing to think that it was 20 years ago. I was in my 30s, ready to take on the world. I had a whole set of different dreams and hopes. 

Before I start this post, I want to remember all those who lost their lives and the heroes who tried to save them. I send massive love and energy to all involved and those that lost loved ones.

If you watch the quick video, I did you will see how we can think about this tragic situation and focus on what it can do for us. This is an example of a meme, something that we will always remember in our minds. It is a meme that can help us understand time. It was 20 years ago! Just think about how much time has passed. That assassin that we can't stop - TIME.

As you think on 9-11, I want you to think about your life and what you can do differently over the next 20 years. Unfortunately, so many lives were lost that day, and I didn't get to go one. But, we did; let us remember this life is a gift and live the best we can for them.

What are you going to do to leave your legacy over the next 20 years?

We overestimate what we can do quickly, but we underestimate what we can do in a long time. So be great today, and always remember.

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