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Perseverance in Life

determination perseverance persistence personal growth Jan 14, 2022

Perseverance is the key to achieving success, and it is what can help us keep on pushing through even when problems keep on coming. It's easy to give up in life because we all experience tough times. But if you want something bad enough, you should be willing to put in the hard work that will help get you there. This post discusses how perseverance can help you overcome any challenge to attain your goals.

Perseverance is the key to success.

When you want to be successful in life, perseverance is the one thing you must possess in your repertoire. No matter how skillful or knowledgeable you are, if you quickly falter when you face obstacles and have negative thoughts when challenges happen, you won't meet your goals anyway. What makes perseverance important is that it is a trait that will help you keep on going despite the hardships you face. All successful people in the world have perseverance as a common trait that allows them to get what they want and have a growth mindset. You might think the most successful people have it easy, but they are no different from us in that they also face many struggles before reaching the pinnacle of their status. What separates them from others is that they didn't lose hope quickly and kept pushing even after many failures.

Perseverance is not innate. You do not even need to acquire an advanced educational degree to learn it. Instead, we can develop perseverance in our minds as we experience various things in life as we grow up. For example, the environment we grow up in and our social experiences play a part in how our minds deal with adversities. In addition, having a solid support system and encouraging friends and family members help make us think more positively. It's not even too late to start developing perseverance as you can get help from others, such as a life coach, to help reorient your mindset. You can also try to learn perseverance by yourself, and there are several ways you can do it.

1. Treat setbacks as learning experiences

Moving forward can be easy or hard, depending on how you treat setbacks that happen to you. If you treat problems and failures as hindrances, you'll most likely have the urge to give up when enough of them happens to you. On the other hand, if you treat problems and failures as challenges or learning experiences, you position yourself better in a path of resilience as your mind is oriented more towards growth. If you are not persevering enough yet, realize the magnitude of problems once they happen. Try to analyze the scope and see what else you can do to solve your predicament before giving up. As long as there is still something you can do with your resources and skills, you can stay positive and have the option to turn around things for the better. Times of difficulties will always happen, so we must accept this reality and learn how to deal with them better.

2. Know your reason for doing things

If you don't have a clear vision of why you have to do something, it only makes it harder to continue once you fall. A vision can motivate you and put you on course towards success and the rewards you want to achieve. If you want something that bad, you're not going to give up so easily. So if you are having diminishing thoughts on whether you should continue, look back at the goals you have set for yourself. Use your goals and vision to push yourself to keep trying.

3. Affirm yourself positively

When something goes wrong with your life, what are the first thoughts you speak to yourself? Do you engage in negative self-talk where you further sabotage your mind by saying things that can pull you further down? If you do these things, please stop. You're not helping yourself if you let negativity cloud your judgment. Instead, it's better to affirm yourself. Think about something positive and say things to yourself that will help put more encouragement. Put this in regular practice, and you'll persevere better when you start to experience failure.

4. Get help from others

It's hard to overcome adversity when dealing with everything by yourself. So when you're in trouble, try to ask for help from another person, anybody that can lend a helping hand to your current situation. Some people make their circumstances harder by not relying on the ability of others to aid them. The importance of having a solid social network and support system makes a difference during the most troubling times. If you don't have a reliable support system yet, you should try to build one as there will come a time when yourself is not enough to overcome potential obstacles.

The benefits of perseverance

Once you have mastered the art of perseverance, you gain several benefits from it, especially gaining the strong will to succeed. In addition, you also become more enticing as a coworker in other people's eyes. Some of the benefits perseverance can bring to your life are the following:

Increased self-confidence - When you learn to persevere, you believe more in your capabilities. You know that you are in charge of your life, and it's up to you to make your long-term goals a reality.

Greater motivation - Perseverance helps you become more motivated to reach the finish line. Any number of setbacks won't stop you because you know it's worth getting what's at the finish line.

You become more adaptable - When you know to practice perseverance, it's easier to look at problems differently. You can think of a different approach to solve your troubles instead of fixating yourself one way.

It's easier to make commitments - Sticking to your goals is easier when you know to persevere. You accept that failures can happen, and all you have to do is overcome them and try again.

Better mental health - Perseverant people are less prone to experiencing mental problems like depression and anxiety. Constantly feeling down when something wrong happens can put a toll on you.

Increased patience - Perseverance means you can tolerate waiting a long time before results happen from your actions. You know that great things take time to accomplish, so you are willing to wait and handle setbacks.

You become trustworthy to others - If other people know that you are the type of person who knows to persevere, they will be more willing to entrust you with work since they know you wouldn't drop a job halfway through.

One should never underestimate the importance of perseverance, as sometimes, it is the only thing that separates you from success. In the process of giving up on something, you could have achieved success if only you had decided to pursue your dream instead of dropping it off. Perseverance helps make life's failures more manageable, and you become more willing to step out of your comfort zone and gain determination to get what you desire in life. Difficulties disappear, and obstacles vanish once you acquire a persevering mind.


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