MorningCoach® - Simplifying Project Organization and Fostering Success

testimonial Feb 16, 2024

 In this case study, we will explore how MorningCoach®, a personal development platform, has significantly impacted the life of Dave Maxfield, an attorney and adjunct law professor in South Carolina. Dave, an author and fitness enthusiast, found MorningCoach® to be the simplest and most effective way to organize his projects and make daily progress. Let's delve into Dave's experience and discover how MorningCoach has helped him achieve his goals.


Dave Maxfield, an attorney specializing in consumer protection laws, sought a solution to manage his numerous projects effectively and prioritize the ones that mattered. As an author and fitness enthusiast, Dave had a lot on his plate and needed guidance on streamlining his efforts. That's when he discovered MorningCoach®.

Discovering MorningCoach® 

Dave came across MorningCoach® in 2021 after watching JB's ReMarkable videos and reading SACRED 6. Intrigued by the concept, he decided to give it a try. Little did he know that MorningCoach® would become an integral part of his daily routine, helping him achieve higher productivity and focus.

The Power of Get It Done - NOW!™

Dave found MorningCoach's®'s "Get It Done - Now!™" (GIDN) approach to be a game-changer in organizing his projects and making progress. He states, "GIDN has been, hands down, the simplest and most effective way for me to organize my projects and focus on the ones that matter, as well as to make daily progress." With GIDN, Dave could break down his tasks into manageable steps, ensuring that he stayed on track and accomplished his goals.

Authenticity and Support

One of the standout features of MorningCoach® for Dave was the authenticity of its founder, JB Glossinger. Dave appreciated JB's candidness about his life, successes, and failures. He felt a genuine connection with JB, who provided valuable resources and cared about his success. Dave mentions, "JB's authenticity... genuinely cares whether or not you succeed." This personal touch made Dave feel supported and motivated throughout his journey.

A Community of Like-Minded Individuals

Being part of the MorningCoach® community was another aspect that Dave found invaluable. Through the Morning CoachCast and other interactions, Dave felt like JB was with him every step of the way. This camaraderie and shared experiences created a supportive environment where Dave could learn and grow. He states, "Learning from and listening to JB and being part of the MC community has made a significant positive impact in my life."


MorningCoach® has proven to be a transformative tool for Dave Maxfield, an attorney specializing in consumer protection laws. By implementing MorningCoach®'s GIDN approach, Dave was able to simplify his project organization and focus on the tasks that truly mattered. The authenticity of JB Glossinger and the support of the MorningCoach® community further enhanced Dave's experience, making him feel motivated and connected. As an individual with a lot on his plate, Dave highly recommends Morning Coach to anyone who wants to achieve their goals but doesn't know where to start.

MorningCoach®'s ability to simplify project management, foster success, and create a supportive community has made it an invaluable resource for individuals like Dave Maxfield. Whether you're an attorney, entrepreneur, or someone with multiple projects, MorningCoach® can help you streamline your efforts and achieve your desired outcomes.

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