Making Good Use of Your Spare Time

break happiness self-care time management Jun 20, 2023

We all have days where we wish we had a few more hours of free time in the day. Finding creative ways to use this spare time can help us make the most out of every day. Whether finding joy in recreational activities or enhancing productivity by tackling tasks, making good use of that free time is essential. This blog post will show you some ideas on making the best use of your spare time and maximizing satisfaction and productivity.

What can you do in your free time?

Life can get busy. Teenagers can get flooded with schoolwork, assignments, projects, and commitments to various school-related activities. Adults must work and fulfill daily obligations to their families and companies. It can get hectic sometimes. However, it is not always that our days are filled with tasks that can cause stress and tire us. Of course, we have our rest days, and some free time may open up on some days, which can happen more frequently if we know how to make good use of our time and be efficient in our tasks.

Once we have some spare time, we can spend it doing something more relaxing and fun or something productive that is not necessarily work-related but can help us later in our other tasks. Depending on how much free time we have, the number of activities we can do during it is many, and we will show you some ideas on what you can do with it so that you can make effective use of your extra time.

1. Rest

If you are already too tired from work and doing other responsibilities, then why not simply rest if you have some free time, especially if you can't think of anything else or are too tired to do anything? Resting helps us recover our energy and improves our health and well-being. Depending on how much free time we have, we can take a power nap, sleep for a few hours, meditate, or go for a full-blown sleep if we have the day off. Being well-rested helps us be in the proper state of mind while doing our tasks, so we should ensure we always get the appropriate amount of rest, and our free time can help us do that.

2. Do something that can make your other tasks easier later

One way to spend your free time in a more productive way is by doing something that can help with other tasks you need to do later. Perhaps you were able to finish earlier with your current job, so you can spend time doing other things on your to-do list, which can help you gain more time later. For example, if you need to shop at the grocery after your shift, you can try making a list of what you need to buy. This way, once you go to the grocery later, you can be more efficient in shopping since you already know what to buy. For something work-related, you can start a task with a later deadline, so you can easily do it once it's time. The idea is to do something as a preparatory task to shave off a part of a bigger task, making it easier to do later.

3. Work on your side gig

If doing productive things is still what you want to do in your free time, another thing you can do is by using it to work on your side gig. This side gig can be a secondary source of income through freelancing, managing a business, or a part-time job. Of course, you can't do these things while you are still working at your primary job, but once the shift is over, you can proceed to do them. Caution should be exercised when opting to do another form of work in your free time, as you may tire yourself from being too productive. While it may be nice to do something that helps you earn profits outside of your usual work hours, there should be balance in that you still get to use your time to enjoy yourself and get some proper rest.

4. Exercise

Some of us will say we don't have time for exercise because we are too busy daily. So the moment we have free time, we can use it to go to the local gym or do any physical activity for exercise to stay fit and healthy. If you are serious about your health, you can adjust your schedule to accommodate some exercise time. Taking care of your physical health will give you the energy and strength to do your daily activities better and help you live longer.

5. Do some fun activity

Most people have hobbies and passions; the best time to do them is during our free time. Too much work can stress us out, so doing something that is not work-related and enjoyable is an excellent way to spend your extra time. You can play games of different kinds, such as card games, board games, video games, or play some sports. These games can be more fun if played with your friends. You can also engage in creative things like drawing, sewing, painting, or making handicrafts. One can also do more idle activities like watching some television series or a movie, browsing the Internet or social media, or doing nothing and lying down to rest. What is essential is that you enjoy your free time and get to do something for yourself.

6. Chat with someone or get in touch with friends and family

It is essential that people spend time with their loved ones to maintain healthy relationships. However, we may start to neglect them if we become too busy with work, so when we get some free time, we can use it to keep in touch or spend time with our loved ones. If we cannot go home yet from our work and while we are on break, we can call or send a text message to our friends and family members. If some work can be done later, we can set them aside and make time to speak or visit our family and friends to socialize and catch up on things. We may also use this spare time to socialize and attend events and gatherings to meet new people.

7. Read about something or learn a new skill

Reading is a good way of spending time during your free hours. There are many different kinds of information you can read about, such as the news, trending topics on forums, books, posts on social media, fictional stories, etc. What's good about reading is that it continues to enrich your mind and fulfills the purpose of continuous learning after graduating from school. You can learn about many things through reading, and you may even learn a new skill that you can use to unlock new opportunities or aid you in becoming successful in the future.

8. Take a vacation or travel

If it so happens that you get the privilege of getting free time that lasts for several days, you can use this opportunity to take a vacation or travel to a different country to treat yourself. Traveling and taking a vacation helps you see more of the world and gives you a nice break to reduce stress, have fun doing various activities while traveling or on vacation, and relax. Not everyone has the opportunity to go on extended leaves, so count yourself lucky if your current employer allows you to have multiple consecutive leaves for vacation or if your current lifestyle gives you the time to travel and the money to do it.

Spend time other than work and responsibilities.

Our jobs and responsibilities are essential to have money to spend on all our necessities and ensure we live a good life. However, not all of our time should only be spent working, as we also need to balance our lives by doing things that give us a different perspective outside of work. Things and activities that make us happy are also essential, and having the free time to do them regularly is something we can try doing. Time management is vital in ensuring we not only fill our time daily with work but also allot time for other things that can improve our well-being.

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