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Making Adult Life More Enjoyable

adulthood happiness inner child life Mar 22, 2023

There's no denying that adult life can be challenging. We have to worry about bills, jobs, and our happiness. It's easy to get bogged down by the stresses of life and forget how to have fun. But it's essential to make time for ourselves, even as adults. This blog post will discuss ways to make your adult life more enjoyable.

Living as an adult can be more fun.

You may have come across the idea that once you become an adult, life will turn more serious, and you will get busy with many things. You will have more responsibilities, spend a lot of time working, and hardly have enough time to enjoy and relax. No written rule states adult life should be like this, although how our system works regarding earning money somewhat force us to be restricted in what we can do and how our time gets spent. However, we can always consciously lighten our lives and add more play and fun. Just because we become adults doesn't mean we lose the right to be happy. We may have become more mature in how we do and think about things, but we can always keep our inner child alive and include fun activities in our daily schedule. The first important thing is to realize the value of making time for play and fun, so we can try to do them despite our busy schedules. From there, we can start thinking about what enjoyable activities we can do to help break the ice and spend time doing them for our well-being. The following things can help make adult life more fun than it seems, and you should try doing them to relieve stress and help you see adult life in a more positive light.

1. Manage your time well and set aside time for other activities

Wake up, eat, bathe, dress up, daily commute, work, eat, work, go home, take care of responsibilities, sleep, rinse, and repeat. A life like this can bore you and make adulthood look uninteresting. However, if you value the importance of play and fun, you will want to spice things up and add more variety to your daily routine. Life can get busy, but if you know how to manage your time well, you can have free time daily to do any activity that contributes to your mental and physical well-being by making you feel happy and fulfilled. You can do many activities and continue doing what you enjoyed in your early childhood and teenage years well into adulthood. How we do things may have changed compared to when we were younger, but as long as we enjoy doing what we do and make time for them, we can feel better about our adult lives.

2. Learn to say "no."

Sometimes, we must consider why we are so busy with daily life. Of course, there's work and our daily responsibilities at home, but there could be extraneous tasks on our to-do lists that don't need to be there. We might be afraid to reject jobs and favors being asked of us, but we need to pause and analyze if we need to do everything. There's only so much we can do by ourselves, and time is limited per day. If we want more time to relax and enjoy our hobbies and passion, one way to do it is to do only those things that will contribute to our goals or fulfill a necessity. Of course, it's already a priority to accomplish something that will return a profit and help put food on our tables, but even these should be balanced, and we should not overwork ourselves to earn money. We can learn to correctly say "no" to others when they ask us for work already beyond our daily capacity and energy limit. Limiting yourself to how much you can do daily without tiring yourself too much can give you more time to do other things for your enjoyment.

3. Don't make moneymaking your only purpose or goal in life

Working a job to earn and fulfilling daily responsibilities are not the only things that make up our adult lives. It can be expected for people to do only the things that will return a profit, but this kind of thinking can make you fall under the control of money. Of course, money is essential, but it is only a means to fulfill what matters to us. Some may dismiss doing fun activities and treat them as childish since they can be purposeless and a waste of time. However, these activities contribute to your well-being and prevent you from becoming a miserable individual that doesn't know how to have a good laugh. To free yourself from thinking only about money all the time, try to identify how much you need to satisfy all your needs and wants and make adjustments if necessary. Once you know your financial needs, you can only do as much as required to earn the money you need, and you don't need to overwork yourselves for excess money you may not need. You can then gain more time for playing and having fun. You can turn around your way of thinking and use your work instead to attain what is essential, such as having fun and enjoying life.

4. Don't mind too much what others say

People can be very judgmental, and one way they can criticize you is if they see you doing "childish" things when you are an adult already. This kind of judgment is one thing that can make others feel afraid and stop playing or doing any activity that can make them happy. Words from others can be harsh, but if people keep letting out only words without doing anything extreme or physical to hurt you, you can ignore what others say and believe in what you think is right. Besides, hobbies and passions don't define an adult; it is more about how mentally mature and responsible we are with our decisions and actions and how we treat others. Therefore, having a hobby or passion that can seem "childish" to others is not a crime. On the contrary, it is good for one's mental health to have something as an outlet for happiness and fulfillment.

5. Set goals

Having fun as an adult doesn't only involve playing games and doing something relaxing. Life can also feel more enjoyable if you work on something interesting that can bring something valuable to you. This is where goals can come in. Some may don't like setting goals since they can be challenging, and the road toward achievement is littered with failures and problems. However, there are many benefits one can gain from working to achieve goals, such as life satisfaction, great rewards waiting at the end, personal growth, and lasting happiness and fulfillment. In addition, you can meet new friends, learn new life skills you can use in other fields, and learn how to handle tough times better. Sure, there can be disheartening moments while working on your goals, but there are many other things that can make the journey fun and also make you grow as an individual. To make things even better, set SMART goals to have a higher chance of achieving what you want.

Play is suitable for your well-being.

Who says only children can play? Adults can too, and they have the advantage of having the money to buy things they wanted when they were children but can't due to not having a job yet. If one continues to enjoy what they did as children, they can now fulfill their dreams by being more capable and having the wealth to buy and enjoy things. Time can be the most significant issue when you are an adult. Still, suppose one recognizes the worth of doing something other than work and responsibilities and what they can bring to your well-being. In that case, managing your schedule well to insert time daily for fun and relaxation is possible. Giving yourself time to be happy and relax is part of self-care, and caring for yourself is essential for being a well-rounded individual that does okay in all aspects of life. So don't be afraid to become one of the playful adults who know how to enjoy life and give it a try, even for just a few minutes daily, to do something that can make you smile.

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