Leaving the Rat Race

earning money freedom happiness money rat race Mar 15, 2022

Are you tired of the rat race? Do you feel like you are stuck in a cycle of working long hours, only to have very little to show for it at the end of the day? If so, you are not alone. Millions of people are trapped in this exact situation. This blog post will discuss how to break free from the rat race and finally live the life you want.

Are you a participant in the rat race?

You might be wondering if a rat race means a race of rats. It's a term used to describe the lifestyle that many of us are doing, sometimes without even realizing we are in it. It's a lifestyle forced upon us, with money being at stake. The rat race has the following characteristics:

  • Working on a job for several hours a week, which can reach up to 60 hours or more per week
  • Trading your precious time to work on a job you hate to earn money
  • Tirelessly working on your job to buy expensive stuff like a house or car
  • Feeling exhausted after a day's work due to long commutes and having to work on many tasks
  • Competing with others to see who's ahead financially and who has the latest toys and gadgets to show off
  • Getting sold on the idea that your happiness exists in the future: after retirement, getting a promotion or pay raise, buying that new toy, etc.
  • Having the urge to buy something to serve as proof from all the hours you worked on your job
  • Having more and doing more is key to happiness.

The rat race is a vicious cycle. You end up using your time to work almost endlessly on stuff you don't care about but are only doing it for the money. The promise of success and a rewarding future is only an illusion as you end up having little to no savings from what you earn. Many things will quickly drain your money, such as bills, paying debts, basic needs, leisure expenses, etc. In the end, you will not have enough money, so you work again to earn more and repeat the process, all while feeling miserable.

Being stuck in the rat race can drain your soul. If you don't manage your finances well, you will be living paycheck to paycheck, where after you earn your salary, it gets almost or entirely drained, and you have to work again to make money for your living. There's no financial stability and security. Not only that, but you also lose time to spend on rest and recreation, including spending time with your family and friends. It's pretty ironic to spend all your time working to earn the money you need to support your loved ones and buy the things that will make you happy, but you end up losing the time to spend on any of them. Repeating the same daily work cycle can make you feel stagnant unless you start forging your path towards living life on your terms. Quitting the rat race is not easy, and it's a long-term endeavor that you need to start working on as early as possible. You can leave the rat race even while working the standard fare job, but you need to start taking action and take the necessary steps to quit the race eventually, and there are several things you can do to aid in your quest to stop being a participant in the rat race.

1. Identify the ideal life that you want

Leaving the rat race starts with a vision of how you want your life to be. It's different for every person, but it will usually involve having more time to spend doing the things that you love while still having the means to earn money in your way. For some, it can be an early retirement; for others, it can be starting their own business or working at the comfort of their homes by freelancing or doing remote work. Others will pursue their passions and earn through passive income means. The image of your perfect life must be crystal clear in your mind, as this will be the driving force for all of your actions to leave the rat race finally.

2. Set goals that will help you achieve your vision

The next step is to create goals that will help fulfill your perfect living situation from your vision. Goals are the concrete steps that help manifest what you should be doing to achieve your dream. It can be challenging to figure this out on your own, so getting the help of somebody, like a life coach, can help. First, break goals into more manageable chunks if they feel too large or broad. Then, you can set reminders for your goals by writing them down in a journal or planner or taking notes on a calendar. This way, you can remind yourself every day of what you have to work on to get closer to your dream.

3. Manage your finances well

Money is not easy to come by, so many people are trapped in the rat race. Many people are conditioned into thinking that working a standard 9-to-5 job is the only means to make money. However, if you take the time to research, there are other ways of earning money. Examples of different revenue streams are investing in the stock market, real estate investing, doing a side hustle, or starting a new business.

Aside from learning how to make money from additional income streams, it would help if you also learned how to be wise with your money to get you closer to achieving financial security and independence. Spending money on things haphazardly as if cash is continuously raining down on you will blow your finances and trap you further in the rat race. Therefore, you must learn several things and turn them into a habit if you are thinking of escaping the rat race.

  • Cut back on your expenses and focus on the essential ones, such as ensuring that your living expenses are covered every time you earn your monthly wage.
  • If possible, save a significant amount of money every paycheck, no matter how small it is. Over time, the amount of money that you save will accumulate, allowing you to get closer to achieving financial independence.
  • As we mentioned before, finding other means to earn an income will expand your wealth and help you achieve financial success easier.
  • Track your spending by learning how to budget your money. It's as simple as knowing how much goes into what. By seeing where your money goes, you can reduce spending on aspects of your life, such as leisure, that is not too essential.
  • Stop buying things whenever there's a shiny new toy around the corner. Don't give in to keeping up with the trends and comparing yourself to what stuff other people have. Learning how to practice self-control can help you manage your finances.

It's time to have a more fulfilling life.

Once you have done all the steps we mentioned above and accumulated enough money to pursue what you want, it's time to quit your job, or maybe not. You must know what you want in life as this will dictate how much money you need to sustain your lifestyle. It's not always about having to earn more money. Having an extravagant lifestyle fuels the need for more money, making one succumb to the rat race. Learning to be content and practicing gratitude can help make the daily grind more bearable. However, even with contentment and gratitude, sometimes, they are not enough, and we still desire a better life. If so, you need to figure out a way of escaping the rat race, and we have shown you some methods on how to do it, and there are many others. Quitting the one job you have that supports you financially can be scary. Most people would be afraid to do it. However, once you are in a position where your finances will not be in trouble, even if you quit, you can take up the courage to make your move and possibly make the most significant decision in your life. It's risky, but if you value long-term happiness and living a satisfying life, it's going to be worth it. You have to realize that life can be short and unpredictable, so it's better to spend your time doing what is most fulfilling to you rather than toiling away all your time for happiness that exists in a future state, which may not happen.

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