Is It Too Good? Onyx BOOX Max Lumi

boox e ink e-reader max lumi onyx Jul 23, 2021

The Onyx BOOX Max Lumi is one of the most popular devices on the market today. It has a lot going for it: sleek design, affordable price, and high-quality features but does this device live up to its hype? Is it too good to be true? We're going to answer that question now.

What is the Onyx BOOX Max Lumi

The Onyx BOOX Max Lumi is an E Ink tablet. It falls in the same category as other devices such as the reMarkable, Papyr, and Quaderno. For those unfamiliar with the term, E Ink refers to a brand of electronic paper display technology that became popular and commercialized by the E Ink Corporation. One can find this technology in electronic devices that are identical to a computer display. At first glance, the Max Lumi looks like an iPad or a Samsung tablet, but it is an E Ink device, and it is more suited for productive work than multimedia use. It functions well as an e-reader and also for notetaking, drawing, and many other applications.

Technical specifications

The Onyx BOOX Max Lumi is a 13.3-inch E Ink device with a resolution of 207 dpi. It's got 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. Wi-Fi connectivity is also present as one of its features. It runs on an Android 10 operating system and has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 for its processor. It can read different file formats for documents, images, and audio. In addition, it got its app store called the BOOX store.

For its physical features, the Max Lumi has a power and back button with fingerprint recognition. In addition, it has a USB type c port, USB-c earphone jack, dual speakers, and mic support. The battery has a 4300 mAh capacity and allows the device to last for six weeks in standby mode.

The Max Lumi retails for $879.99. Upon purchase, it comes with several accessories, including a case, screen protector, tips, stylus tether, and sticky pen holders.

Should I get one?

The first impression you might get upon seeing the Max Lumi is big and pretty attractive-looking. It is a powerful and unique device. Its got a fast processor and a good software environment with built-in apps and third-party support, and you can load the Google Play store on the device if you want. Its screen size makes it an excellent device to read PDFs and other texts. It also has adjustable front light for its display. You can even use the device as a secondary monitor when working on your laptop or computer, and it's got a split-screen feature. So taking notes on it feels good.

Getting an Onyx BOOX Max Lumi will depend on the use case. If its features are something you need for your work or daily use, and you currently don't have a device that allows you to do what you want, then you might consider getting this device. It is an excellent device if you do a lot of research and read PDFs while having extra functionality in apps. However, if you already have other devices that can do the same tasks as the Max Lumi, you might not need to purchase this one. The price tag can be pretty expensive, and it's close to the price of an iPad Pro. If you already have an iPad or a Samsung tablet, chances are you might skip getting the Max Lumi since it is also a multifunction device, just with a bit of a different focus. It all depends on how the Max Lumi is going to fit in your daily lifestyle.


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