I Cut The Cable!

cable tv streaming service Jul 21, 2021

I Cut The Cable!

I remember the days before streaming services were popular. I had to wait until a show aired on TV and then hope that it was good enough for me to watch. Now, with more and more people cutting their cable subscriptions, I finally decided to cut mine too. Streaming services are the thing nowadays and with so many shows available from just about any device that you own, there's no need for an expensive cable subscription anymore.

The decline of cable TV

Before streaming services hit the market, cable TV was the thing back then. It was the only way to watch some of our favorite shows that may not be available through local broadcast. Cable TV gives people the convenience of choosing what programs and shows they like to watch from an extensive set of available channels. Most cable companies also offer packages where they offer other services along with the cable TV such as landline or Internet connections.

However, in recent years, the number of people who watch television via cable or satellite has dropped. There are several reasons why. The most common reason is that people are now watching more online, thanks to the advent of streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Sling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu, Disney Plus, among many others. Others feel that the cost of cable descriptions is too high compared to what they pay for streaming services while other people simply just don't watch too much television so they don't have a reason to subscribe to one.

The rise of streaming services

People have become more reliant on technology nowadays and that includes an increased dependency on the Internet for a lot of things we do. Smartphone usage also has skyrocketed. These factors helped pave the way for streaming services to become popular. There are several reasons why a streaming service is more in demand now compared to a cable subscription.

  • Convenience - You don't have to be tied to a TV schedule when watching on a streaming service. You can watch your favorite programs anytime you want as soon as they become available on the platform.
  • Flexibility - Streaming services allow customers to pay for what features and functions they want to have along with the content they want to watch.
  • Affordability - Streaming services provide cheaper options than cable TV when it comes to accessing their services. You can get the same or more things for a cheaper price.
  • Availability - You can watch your favorite programs from a streaming service on other devices like smartphones or tablets. This allows you to watch on the go instead of just waiting to go home and watch on your TV.
  • Content - Lots of original content become available on different streaming platforms and this includes movies.

Should you cut the cable too?

With the many advantages that streaming platforms provide, you might think to jump in and cut your cable subscription too if you have one. However, there are still some advantages that cable service providers have for you. Cable TV service provides a stable and reliable viewing experience since it does not rely on the Internet for you to watch your favorite programs. The only time your viewing can get disrupted is when there's a flaw or damage to the cable system. If the place that you live in doesn't have good signal strength for Internet or your Internet subscription is not that fast, you might want to consider it before getting into a streaming service subscription.

Cable TV still provides extensive channel options for shows and movies. Unless the TV shows that you want are only available on streaming platforms, then that might be the time to switch over to them but if what you like to watch is still being provided by your cable service provider, then you can just opt to stay with it.

In the end, your watching habits can influence what type of TV service you would opt to subscribe for. If you are the type of person who doesn't watch TV at all or just not that often, then you don't have to fuss over this thing. If you are a TV fanatic though, try to see what your watching patterns are. If you find yourself watching the news, films, titles, sports, or movies on the Internet, then a subscription to a streaming service will really work for you. This is even more so if your favorite programs are only available through them. If you like watching on the go on your mobile, streaming platforms are also your better bet. Costs are another thing to consider. See how much you are willing to pay per month or per year and weigh in on how often you watch and you might just end up cutting the cable too.


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