Finding the Right Business Coach for You

business coach Sep 09, 2021

If you are looking for a business coach, you will want to ensure that they have the proper credentials. It would help if you looked at their education and experience as well as what certifications they hold. This information will be listed on their website or somewhere else where you can obtain it from them directly. A business coach will help you with your business decisions and teach you about marketing, sales, management, etc. They may also work on more personal development goals with you if desired. If this sounds like something that would benefit your company, then keep reading!

What is a business coach, and what do they do

A business coach is a type of life coach whose expertise lies in business matters. Small business owners and entrepreneurs are their primary clients. A business coach provides guidance and support to help business owners meet their business goals and bring positive change to their clients.

As a business owner, you might sometimes find yourself in a tight position regarding running your business, such as not knowing how to expand your business further, having problems with personal growth and finances, or being stressed out. When such things happen, you can try solving them yourself or asking for some help from a friend or colleague, but sometimes it's not enough, and this is when a business coach can help you. However, finding the right one can be a challenge as many business coaches are out there. Therefore, to ensure your own business goals and needs are satisfied, there are some things you should consider when finding the right coach for you.

1. Hire a professional coach

The coaching industry is a large one, and while searching for a business coach online, you're bound to come across many of them. The problem is that the coaching industry is not universally regulated, so you may come across a person claiming to be a business coach but doesn't know how to be a proper one. A good indicator for an authentic business coach is if you see them indicating in their profile or somewhere on their website that they have a certification and underwent training from a professional accrediting organization like the International Coaching Federation. (ICF). Organizations like the ICF provide training programs and accreditation for life coaches. So if the business coach you are looking for has the proper credentials and business skills, rest assured you are getting the right one.

2. Ask other people for references

After verifying that the business coach you are eyeing is a professional one, the next step is to check from different people how the coach works with his clients and see if his business coaching services and coaching style are the right fit for you. The best people to ask, if you can, are past clients of the coach you are interested in hiring. People who give testimonials about the coach are also good references. People in your network and business group are also good to ask if they know any reputable business coach. If possible, try to get a referral from someone who became a client of a good business coach.

3. Interview and talk with several business coaches

Don't just limit yourself to one when looking for your ideal business coach. Interview and talk with as many as you can until you find the one that is a good match for you. Do not worry about costs since many coaches offer a free initial consultation for their service. This initial consultation is critical as this is where you can use it to your advantage to screen different coaches and get to know them better and what they offer without spending a penny. Pay attention to how the conversation goes between you and the business coach. A coach who listens to you without cutting you too much while you're talking is a good sign. While in the interview, ask as many questions as you can, such as their coaching style, the tools, and resources that they use, their availability, costs, and personal success stories. Keep in mind that you have to be a good fit, too, in the eyes of the business coach. Coaches would like to work with somebody who falls under their ideal clientele.

4. Have the right synergy and desire to change

Observe how you feel while doing an initial interview with a business coach. Do you feel happy listening to him and think you can open up to him about your problems? That gut feeling you have can signify that who you are talking to might be the right one.

Before you engage in all this search for a business coach, it is a good idea to ask yourself if you are willing to change and are ready to work with someone to improve your life. Working with a coach will involve shifting your usual mindset on doing things, including getting out of your comfort zone, learning new skills, and maybe changing your company values. So if you are not ready for such things, think first before hiring a coach.

5. How much are you willing to spend?

Business coaching services involve fees so before doing some business coaching, know first how much are you willing to invest in such endeavor. Coaches charge per hour and can cost from something low like $50 per hour to several hundreds of dollars per hour. Not only that, multiple sessions can happen during the coaching service, and that costs money too. There are also monthly packages that offer various services while also costing several hundreds of dollars. You might have doubts whether all these costs will be worth it, but it depends on what your goals are. Consider hiring a business coach as an investment and then make a comparison of how much you can gain financially working with a business coach versus solving your problems on your own. If you see yourself being less stressed and earning more income, knowledge, and personal growth through coaching, then go for it.

Final thoughts

As an entrepreneur or a small business owner, having the help of a business coach can make you successful in whatever you want to achieve for your business. Many entrepreneurs and owners of companies partner with business coaches to get advice on better running their business. Establishing a good rapport with the right business coach can prove beneficial due to the industry experience and new skill sets they can share with you, leading you to meet your business goals more manageable. Running a business can be challenging, but progressing forward with a business coach can make a difference.


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