Mastering Daily Productivity: The reMarkable 2 and the 2024 Single Sheet Method Unveiled

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Boost Your Daily Productivity with the reMarkable 2 and the 2024 Single Sheet Method

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We hope you're having an amazing day! We wanted to share some exciting insights with you that can help you set up your day for daily productivity.

In our latest podcast episode of MorningCoach®, JB Glossinger delves into the remarkable world of the reMarkable 2 and introduces a powerful productivity method called the "2024 Single Sheet Method." This method is designed to help you stay organized and focused as we move towards a more productive future.

JB Glossinger, the host of MorningCoach®, discusses how the reMarkable 2's file organization capabilities can assist you in finding your important files with ease. By setting up your files alphabetically, you can quickly retrieve the information you need and streamline your workflow.

The highlight of this episode is the introduction of the "Single Sheet," a tool that can revolutionize your daily planning. JB Glossinger shares the key components of this sheet, including the "Sacred Six." This concept, derived from his book "The Sacred Six," helps you identify and prioritize the most crucial tasks for the day. It's more than just a simple to-do list—it's a structure that promotes efficiency.

Consistency is another vital element emphasized in the "2024 Single Sheet Method." By tracking your progress and habits, you can create new practices and reinforce positive behaviors. Whether it's learning a language, cultivating healthier habits, or advancing your skills, this method allows you to monitor your progress and make adjustments as needed.

As JB Glossinger explains, the "2024 Single Sheet Method" is not a replacement for your digital calendar. Instead, it complements it by setting up your morning routine for success. By using layers on the reMarkable 2, you can easily differentiate between long-term goals and tasks specific to the day. This system enables you to focus on what's truly important and avoid getting overwhelmed.

If you're eager to enhance your daily productivity and make the most out of each day, we highly recommend tuning in to this enlightening episode. JB Glossinger's insights, tips, and strategies will inspire you to leverage the power of the reMarkable 2 and the "2024 Single Sheet Method."

To access the full podcast episode and get your hands on the free Morning Coach planner and single sheet, head over to our website at They're great resources to help you kickstart your productivity journey.

Some questions:


1. How does the reMarkable 2 contribute to daily productivity?
2. What is the single sheet method and how can it help with organization?
3. How can the alphabetical file system on the reMarkable 2 make it easier to find files?
4. What are the different sections on the single sheet and how do they contribute to productivity?
5. Explain the concept of the sacred six and how it differs from a regular to-do list.
6. Why is consistency an important aspect of the single sheet method?
7. How is layering used in the reMarkable 2 to prioritize tasks?
8. What are some examples of tasks that can be added to layer 1 versus layer 2?
9. How can the single sheet method be used to track habits and progress?
10. How does the reMarkable 2 support morning routines and setting up the day for success?

Key Points

"Increasing Productivity with the Remarkable 2: 'First thing I want you to look at is I want you to look at your files.'"
— JB Glossinger [00:00:46 → 00:00:49]
"Organizing Files for Easy Access: You can have as many files as you want, but what's great is when you put this in alphabetical by search, it's going to allow you to be able to find your files easier."
— JB Glossinger [00:00:58 → 00:01:07]
The Sacred Six: "The most important things you need to get done to the day for the day, they're gonna they're gonna really lead to your efficiency, understanding principle and things that you're doing if you understand the sacred six, it's just not a to do list. That's why it's sacred. It's about a structure and organization of what you're doing."
— JB Glossinger [00:01:51 → 00:02:07]
Morning Routine Tips: "Within the framework of my system at morning coach, we have a daily coach cast that we do every single day. I've done over 5,000 literally helped thousands of people around the world."
— JB Glossinger [00:02:47 → 00:02:56]
Learning a Language: "For example, let's say Spanish. You're trying to learn a language. Right? You put Spanish in there. So it'd write Spanish in there, and I'll do it in a minute because I'm gonna show you how it works. And then you would keep a number there. And so we would keep that number positive until, you didn't do it, and then it would be negative. And you would know, hey. I've gotta go back and and kinda, you know, do this a little bit more because I'm not working on my Spanish."
— JB Glossinger [00:04:02 → 00:04:23]
Viral Topic: Goals in Morning

"Let's say we want a 1,000, plus new members in morning Let's just put that, and that's our business over at Morning Coach in our coaching program."
— JB Glossinger [00:04:46 → 00:04:56]
Productivity Hacks: "Our planning systems, that's what's really great about them is they're very in the way they work."
— JB Glossinger [00:09:11 → 00:09:16]
"Organizing with Devices: We do all the devices and can help integrate them with our system over at"
— JB Glossinger [00:10:08 → 00:10:09]
"Benefits of Giving: 'I think giving, giving, giving is the way to do it, and it really works for me.'"
— JB Glossinger [00:10:52 → 00:10:56]
"The Importance of Living Your Best Life: Let's get you living your best life doing the things you wanna do when you wanna do them."
— JB Glossinger [00:11:18 → 00:11:21]

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