6 Reasons To Buy The reMarkable 2 Over The Onyx BOOX Note Air

boox note air onyx remarkable remarkable 2 Jul 11, 2021

There are six reasons why you would want to buy a reMarkable 2 over an Onyx BOOX Note Air. Remember that these are all preferences, and other users might have a different experience using the reMarkable 2 over the Onyx BOOX Note Air. However, I will explain each of the reasons below in detail.

1. The operating speed

Upon starting the device, the reMarkable 2 boots up to its home screen in just around 2 seconds, whereas with the Onyx BOOX Note Air, it takes several seconds before it can get to its home screen. If you are in a meeting, that extra boot-up time can negatively impact you if you are the presenter and want something fast and ready to go. This aspect is where the reMarkable 2 shines.

2. The form factor and the stylus

It just feels nice to touch and use the reMarkable 2 than the Onyx BOOX Note Air. It's slimmer, and it's got a nice aluminum finish on the sides. Plus, the way the stylus sticks on the side of the reMarkable 2 is more excellent compared to how the stylus of the Onyx BOOX Note Air, which is more prominent, sticks and protrudes on the side. The overall form factor of the reMarkable 2 feels stylish, almost comparable to a work of art.

3. Ease of use

The way the reMarkable 2 allows you to jump right in upon turning it on and use it without having too much difficulty navigating which apps to use and where to go for doing a particular task is much more superior to Onyx BOOX Note Air. You do not have to go through a step-by-step process of doing things such as registering before proceeding to the next step when using the reMarkable 2. There is no complicated learning curve.

4. Notetaking capability

If you already have an iPad or a Samsung tablet, chances are you would not need to buy an Onyx BOOX Note Air, and this is because it has the same multifunctionality as an iPad or Samsung tablet in terms of apps and everything. Whereas if you need something used explicitly for notetaking, the reMarkable 2 got a good focus of its functionality for that specific task which might make you want to buy it alongside your multifunction tablet.

5. Free of distractions

The reMarkable 2 focuses on the sense that it allows you to do what you have to do on it, specifically notetaking and writing, without the distractions. By distractions, we mean the presence of other apps in the software environment, which the Onyx BOOX Note Air has. This aspect becomes a preference because some people want to focus on their tasks without disturbing notifications or pop-ups, basically simplicity in usage. If you are that type of person, then the reMarkable 2 is the one for you.

6. Screen protector

The reMarkable 2 has its screen protector already put in place when you buy it, and you might not even notice. So why is this an advantage for the reMarkable 2? The Onyx BOOX Note Air also comes with one, but you have to put it yourself, and it is a pain to put it on the screen.


The six reasons I mentioned can play a factor in choosing which E Ink device to buy. But, in the end, it will depend on your needs and preferences regarding which E Ink device you would like to buy, the reMarkable 2 or the Onyx BOOX Note Air. For example, if you prefer more functionality in the form of multiple apps, then go for the Onyx BOOX Note Air. But, on the other hand, if you want a device specifically catered for notetaking and writing, the reMarkable 2 would be better. 

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