6 Reasons to Buy the reMarkable 2 over the iPad mini 6

productivity device remarkable 2 Oct 12, 2021

The iPad mini 6 is a great device, but the reMarkable 2 can shine in several ways. This article will go over some reasons why you should buy an inexpensive tablet like the reMarkable 2 instead of spending more money on an iPad mini 6.

What is the reMarkable 2?

The reMarkable 2 is an E Ink device whose design is mainly for note-taking and reading documents. A team of people led by Magnus Wanberg, the reMarkable company's CEO, makes the reMarkable 2 devices. The reMarkable 2 is the second iteration of such a device and has more improved features and functionality than the first reMarkable.

The reMarkable is technically a tablet, but its functions are different from a more popular device like the iPad mini 6. So the next question is, why would you prefer buying a reMarkable 2 for a tablet rather than an iPad mini 6? The following reasons will show you why.

1. Screen brightness and color

The reMarkable 2 has a 10.3-inch monochrome digital paper display (no colors) with a 1,872 x 1,404 resolution. Contrast this with the iPad mini 6's more colorful and brighter display, and you might be wondering why the reMarkable's screen can be advantageous. If you are into reading and taking notes, then the reMarkable 2 would be more well-suited for you. The bigger screen and the monochromatic black-and-white display create less eye strain when reading for a long time and when taking notes. Even with a screen protector that can reduce blue light, an iPad mini 6's screen still looks vibrant. The Apple iPad mini also has a smaller screen, so taking notes and reading on it might be challenging.

2. Minimalism

Some people like simplicity on their devices, while others prefer having multiple functions in one device. If you belong to the former camp, the reMarkable 2 would be a better choice for you. The reMarkable does not have its apps store, and its functions and features are for note-taking and reading documents. The reMarkable is a productivity device meant to be a paper replacement. If you like to do some multimedia tasks on your tablet like watching videos, editing images, playing games, etc., the reMarkable is not the device for you. You would be better off looking for a different device like an iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro, or a Samsung Galaxy tab.

3. Form factor

While the reMarkable 2 might not be as small as the iPad mini 6, there is still something desirable with the reMarkable 2's form factor. It's got a dimension of 187 x 246 x 4.7 mm and a weight of 403.5 g, making it a very slim and lightweight device. It's portable enough to carry with you during meetings or when you are at work.

4. Support group

There is a Facebook group for reMarkable users that has over 30,000 members. The fact that there is such a group means that there is a place you can go to discuss things about the reMarkable, including features, functions, and problems with the device. The reMarkable also has its support page where you can find information on how to use the device, information about services and accessories, and help with orders, cancellations, and returns.

5. Price

The reMarkable 2's price is something that can entice you to purchase the device. It is cheaper than any iPad tablet, but you have to remember that the reMarkable 2 is a focused device. It is a note-taker and a reader, and there's nothing much else you can do outside of these functions. Apple's iPad and other tablets out there with multiple functionalities have higher price tags because they can do many things and have more powerful processors. What you will do with your tablet, and how much your budget can influence which tablet you will buy.

6. Cool factor

This idea might be personal bias but to me, looking at the reMarkable 2 is like looking at a piece of art. It's very thin, and the writing experience feels like you're writing on actual paper. There's something about being in a meeting and pulling out the reMarkable 2, and you start writing on it, looking like a slick, cool professional. Most people would probably wonder what's the device you are using compared to when you bring out an iPad which many people are very familiar with its looks.


The reMarkable 2 is a device you will purchase that relies mainly on a use-case basis. The reMarkable 2 earned good reviews from various websites for what it can do. If you are into note-taking and reading documents, the reMarkable 2 can work well for you. However, if you want a tablet with multiple functions and are more of a multimedia consumption person, you better look elsewhere as the reMarkable 2 can't do anything much outside its intended purpose.


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