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FAQ - Non-member Tech-Related Inquiry

Can you help me determine what device will suit my thinking style?

We can help you by taking our free quiz. This will help determine what device is good for you. It will help identify your thinking style. You can take that here, and it will only take a few minutes.

Free Thinking Quiz:

The other thing many people do is join MorningCoach® Programs. We have an amazing community of people and a place where your tech questions can be answered. To find out more, go here:

I am having issues with a product I have seen you review on the MorningCoach YouTube channel. Where can I get help?

I am sorry you are having issues with the product that we reviewed on our YouTube page. We do not offer tech support for devices, as we just do real-time reviews of various products. We actually buy most of the devices. Only a few companies send them to us. We just don’t have the staff to handle those requests. We have a few IT people in our community, but to access them, you would have to be a member of MorningCoach®. I apologize you are having issues, but we have no relationship with these companies.