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Get It Done - NOW! Coaching builds on the community and the GIDN structured program. As Warren Buffett says, “This one investment decision will 'by far' be the best you'll ever make. Going all-in on this investment strategy will yield more returns, but it's not what you think.”


You’ll learn your WHATs and WHEREs that put you on the map from the Get It Done - NOW! MorningCoach® Daily! This group-level focuses on your WHYs, in order to put the plan in place and to stay on course. 


Get It Done - NOW! Coaching turns up the heat by including not only everything that the Get It Done - NOW! MorningCoach® Daily offers, but this level provides an entirely upgraded, personalized experience LIVE with JB, walking you through the process with Quarterly Group Zoom calls. 

    • There will be five 3-Hour LIVE Get It Done - NOW!  Virtual Workshops With JB Glossinger 
      • Going in Depth and checking in on what you have accomplished and what changes are needed to meet your goals
      • You bring the questions and JB will provide the answers


  • These sessions are to be around the Get It Done - NOW! Program PDCA Plan. Each is around the Check area and will have basic tools, depending on the month. The life wheel, rose bud thorn, review your whys challenge, 30/60/90 5 & 10-year challenges, ILD spreadsheet, debt structuring, book studies and resources, Sacred 6 principles on execution, values assessments, goal structuring, and more.


  • Participating in the 8 facilitated meetings with JB’s trusted coaches and consultants in addition to the quarterly JB meetings and social hours you can:
  • Learn what is possible by seeing is believing. You can have an opportunity to ask questions about how your community members make the transition with the member spotlights
  • Learn how the members are using the GIDN plan, creating content, writing books, and building additional income streams 
  • Facilitate meeting with breakout rooms to discuss how you are taking action, and managing obstacles like fear and resistance. Are you leveraging the tools like the GIDN model, the Sacred 6 process, and looking for alternative perspectives to challenge yourself?
  • PRIVATE! MorningCoach® Group for Accountability 
    • Brainstorming your roadblocks with the community to get you unstuck
    • Let others’ success inspire and propel you forward


How do you know if Get It Done - NOW! Coaching is right for you? Are you looking for: 

  • How to live a mission/values-driven life and not sure how to implement it?
  • Productivity tools to reduce the daily overwhelm?
  • A safe place to share the challenges and find tools to overcome those challenges
  • Keeping on track with an ILD lifestyle

If you are ready to step up your game and willing to be challenged, this is the perfect fit for you. Bring your curiosity, an open-mind, and a willingness to learn to a community that provides transparency, and authenticity, along with respect and confidentiality.  Work on your goals in a safe and nurturing group where you can share your roadblocks and receive honest feedback. Surround yourself with a group that claps with you when you win. The core of any success is how willing you are to show up and what you are willing to do. 


You have the opportunity to meet the community, virtually, in the quarterly social hour where you can start putting names to faces. One of the perks you receive with this program are tickets so you and a friend can attend the live in-person event in October 2021 in Florida, where JB will be sharing the latest developments and techniques to get you not only charged up with energy, organization and get you firing on all cylinders. 


Find tremendous opportunity networking and meeting community members, including JB’s Inner Circle Mastermind. At this event, you will learn to streamline your business and life in harmony to raise your productivity and lifestyle, while living a life fulfilled.


So if you want to be a part of an amazing community and develop your personal productivity systems, Get It Done - NOW! Coaching is for you!