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Is Multitasking Effective? efficiency multitasking Dec 01, 2021

Multitasking is a lot like trying to juggle. It looks impressive, but if you're not careful, everything will fall around you. In addition, multitasking causes us to lose focus and make mistakes; we are more likely to make errors in our work. If your goal is productivity, stop doing multiple...

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I Am Addicted To Multitasking multitasking productivity Feb 11, 2021

by: Roxanne Turner


Do you ever say any of the following things to yourself? 

    • I am too busy to do that.
    • I’m always behind.
    • I never have time for myself.
    • I never get anything done.
    • I am a great multitasker!


Believe it or not, all of these thoughts are related. ...

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