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Brad Back

"Life gets better every day! JB and team have truly helped, guided, and coached me through important periods of my life---everything from moving from 5k runs to half-marathons; having the guts (and a plan) to leave the 30-year security of an executive corporate j.o.b. and open up my own businesses!"

Karen Linden

"MorningCoach® Saved My Life! My doctors are amazed that I not only beat cancer but I'm competing in triathlons and marathons 4 months after undergoing the most intense chemo and radiation treatments...I can honestly say that JB has helped save my life! Thank you!” 

Jürgen Wölfel

"Last year, when I started MorningCoach®, I was struggling with complete overwhelm, which often blocked me. In the meantime, I got this under control with the help of your tools and techniques. This year my focus is on reducing my working hours in order to create more freedom for personal development and the creation of alternative income streams"

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Learning about you and then plugging into the right system is critical. So many people are not succeeding, not because they are not talented they are just not plugged into the right system ------ for them!


JB Glossinger

Founder of MorningCoach®


MorningCoach® motivational speaker and consultant JB Glossinger thought he had found what he was looking for once he achieved a golden level of corporate success and financial freedom. But even as he relished having conquered the corporate ladder, he felt a strong pull to seek something more, leading him to actualize his dream.

By aligning his mission, values, and goals, JB was able to form an action plan and achieve his vision of a fulfilling career of guiding others toward realizing their inner purpose balanced with his passions of family, golf, and writing—all with a three-hour workday. Grounded in years of coaching groups, companies, and individuals, JB has developed the Get It Done - NOW!™ program, Intelligent Life Design™,  and MorningCoach® DIscovery and Freedom Memberships.

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