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Renee Moore

From Dog Trainer To CEO!

"When I met JB, I was focused on working on my business and some life challenges. The thing about this system and the ideas is that it is not just about my business but also my life, and that is what is important to me. In today's social media world, the boundaries get blurred, and JB has helped me understand those lines. These are the tools that every business owner needs but rarely finds. Every day is a new opportunity to learn with this system and these experts, and that makes a great ROI again for business and life."

Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

Matt Kramer 

Celebrity Vocal Coach for Speakers and Singers, and Platinum Recording Artist

"Being an expert in many areas is challenging for tech, systems, research, and organization. JB took this mystery away and made me be able to manage my own business and focus on what is important instead of getting caught up in false promises and mistakes. This knowledge gives you the steering wheel to control your business, and more importantly understand the synergy between systems, life, and business." - Matt.


Dr. Paul Kilgore

Changing The World One Patient At A Time

"As a physician and educator, I did not initially appreciate all the expertise needed to develop skills needed to develop a business.  JB helped me diagnose these issues as far as tech and systems and help me understand what really needs to happen not only with my business and my lifestyle. He has helped make an impact and build a business that also allows for freedom. Educators really need to start to understand these principles."

Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

Jenny Bishop

Keeping The Dream Alive

"Over the years that I have been with JB I have been through some trials and tribulations, but the one thing that keeps it all together is the systems here at MorningCoach®. I know I can't count on JB being there every day and also the community support. This has been a wonderful journey of making friends around the world. These systems have kept me on target as I focus on my career and being a mother. It is all about consistency and staying on top of that and these systems have helped me do that."

 Jorge Vidal

"Organizing myself financially was a big thing. I was all over the place. But from my finances being horrible to where I can honestly say I'm nearly financially free. I am debt-free, besides the home we live in now. That’s amazing to say. Our cars are paid off, and we pay for things in cash. We don't have any credit card debt. We are living the ILD life!"

Jen Stewart

"I enjoy the community part of MorningCoach® and as challenged as we have been to build community during this time, we have. I would encourage more people to get involved in the calls and the social hours. There is value in these relationships that you can build."

Brad Back

"Life gets better every day! JB and team have truly helped, guided, and coached me through important periods of my life---everything from moving from 5k runs to half-marathons; having the guts (and a plan) to leave the 30-year security of an executive corporate j.o.b. and open up my own businesses!"

Karen Linden

"MorningCoach® Saved My Life! My doctors are amazed that I not only beat cancer but I'm competing in triathlons and marathons 4 months after undergoing the most intense chemo and radiation treatments...I can honestly say that JB has helped save my life! Thank you!” 

Jürgen Wölfel

"Last year, when I started MorningCoach®, I was struggling with complete overwhelm, which often blocked me. In the meantime, I got this under control with the help of your tools and techniques. This year my focus is on reducing my working hours in order to create more freedom for personal development and the creation of alternative income streams"

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