Every wonder what a Zen mind is? How does it apply to mindfulness? Join me (JB Glossinger) as I discuss the power of the Zen mind and how it will help you find more peace in your life.

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zen mind

[00:00:15] Good morning and welcome to Morning Coach today. I am so glad you’re with us. As you know, my name’s J.B. Glossinger, and this is your personal evolution system, the place to get your day started right. Welcome, welcome, welcome. I’m so glad you’re with me today. We’re rocking and rolling and having some fun. It is a Sunday, and we’re flying.

[00:00:38] I’ve got to tell you, I think the last week, this week we just went through, is probably the fastest week of my life. I mean, it just flew. I can’t even, I can’t believe we’re already sitting here on a Sunday. But, with that being said, you know, we know that, you know, we kind of slow down a little bit once we start understanding the relativity of time, and, and we can start enjoying life a little bit more. And hopefully you are. Hopefully, you’re enjoying life a little bit. I know I am. I’m having some fun, and it’s all about putting great energy out there every day. Well, that’s what we’re doing here every day.

[00:01:11] And, as you know, we’ve got some wonderful sponsors. We’re doing a lot of different things. We’ve got the retreat coming up. You know, I’m doing more coaching, and just life is overall is doing just amazing. And it was funny because I had one of our wonderful coaching clients I had stopped by here on Friday, and we had a good conversation, and we were looking at some of the past reviews.

Zen Mind and Allowing Yourself to be Real

And I was laughing, again, because you know, we were laughing because someone said, “Hey, J.B. you mispronounce words. You make up words.” And, you know, it’s true. It’s so true. And I was like, man, you know, we need to start a Morning Coach vocabulary, you know, or have a have a spotter. So, when, when, when I mispronounce words or when I make up a word, then somebody comes back and shoots us an email, so we could put it in the vocab. I love that. I just, I love it. That’s what it’s about. You know? It’s about being real.

[00:02:05] And, you know, I think that’s what so many people have issues with, is just allowing yourself to be real, to make some mistakes, to stop worrying about what other people think, and the haters and the reviewers and the critics, which there’s so many of out there. Just, just be you. You know, you’re going to make mistakes. Nobody’s perfect. And if you’re yourself, at least people don’t expect perfectionism every time. I mean, I feel bad for some people that are have to live in the world of academia where they’re just, they got to prove how smart they are day in and day out. You know?

They’re always being judged because if they make a grammatical error, it’s such a horrible thing. That’s not the real world. In fact, in the real world, most people, you know, are making mistakes once in a while. They aren’t, they aren’t perfect. And it goes right along with our theme today, which is about Zen mind, beginner mind. And I want to talk about that because that’s part of being mindful. Part of being mindful is allowing yourself to be a human being, allowing yourself to have this experience and not get caught up in the perfectionism of the day.

Zen Mind and Being a Perfectionist

[00:03:11] Now, I will tell you this, there is a place for being very proud of the work that you do. Nobody wants to be somebody that makes errors. Nobody wants to be somebody that, you know, like me, I don’t want to mispronounce words, but I do, you know? But if you come from the right intention, that’s the most important part. So, there is a time when we want to, we want to be, you know, a little more perfectionist. Like when I work on my home, for example, I want it done right. That’s why do a lot of the work myself, because me and Pilar here, we, you know, we’re kind of perfectionists. We like to do things and do them right.

[00:03:49] But for the most part, you know, most of the life is about living it, and not getting so caught up in that extra 2% that you’re worried about what other people are going to think and you’re worried about, you know, just, just things that just aren’t really that important. You know, it’s funny about, you know, sometimes the haters and the people that give you the most grief are people that will never do anything with you. They’ll never come, they’ll never come to… like for me, for example, they’ll never come to an event. They don’t want coaching. They don’t want to participate in the things we’re doing. They’re just being critical, and that’s OK. I’m OK with that. I’m not angry about it. It just… why should I care about those people? Right?

Zen Mind and Caring Too Much About What Other People Think

[00:04:31] And same with you. You know, we care so much about these people that really don’t matter in our own lives. And we’ve got to focus on ourselves and on our own happiness and our energy, our own joy. And that’s what being mindful is, right? So, being mindful is just being aware that. Being aware of “Why am I letting myself get upset because the neighbors are worried about what type of car I drive?” You know, “the neighbors are worried about what school I’m sending my children to.” “The neighbors are worried about…” whatever. Right? And so, we want to make sure that we are, we are focused in on, you know, really being aware of what we’re doing day in day out.

[00:05:14] Now, that does mean… and I get this sometimes. I get e-mails from people that say, “J.B., but, you know, you don’t care what other people think.” No, that’s not true; I do. First of all, I really care, and I want to provide the best content. I want to help people. But part of my job is to help people be more real. I think most people have a little bit of a problem being truly authentic. And being real doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be somebody that brings some class and some, you know, some posture and presence to the situation.

Zen Mind and Being Authentic

[00:05:45] You know, if I wanted to wear a diaper out all day- I’m exaggerating. Right? A diaper wouldn’t be appropriate in society, and, you know what, I would deserve to be judged- Now, can you do that? Yeah, if that’s your individuality and you want to wear a diaper and, you know, like the cowboy does, the naked cowboy, who was tight-y white-y’s and plays the guitar as part of his business, that’s you, that’s your individualism. But you also have to deal with the ramifications of when you do things that are so far outside of the framework of society that you’re going to deal with them. So, yeah, you want to be truly authentic to yourself, but you don’t want to be so far on the fringes that you push yourself out of the machine or out of the system. Right?

[00:06:26] And for me, you know, I’m always going to be myself. I’m a jeans and t-shirts guy. That’s where I am. That’s my business. It’s actually becoming popular now. Hoodies are becoming popular. So, my fashion or the way that I started to dress years ago has starting to come true again. So, you know, you want to be individualistic. You want to be yourself. But you want to bring some posture and presence and have some respect, also, you know, for the things that we’re doing. So, I think, you know, there’s a fine line here, and that’s where being mindful really is being self-aware of what’s going on. Being conscious of what’s happening.

Zen Mind and Mindfulness

You know, if I wear jeans and a t-shirt to somebody’s wedding, it would be inappropriate. Right? Even though it’s my, the way that I am, I would be not honoring the people that are at the wedding. I wouldn’t be honoring the bride and groom, who have who have spent years or maybe months planning this thing. It’s just not appropriate. So, you know, again, that’s being mindful. That’s being self-aware, being conscious of the situation and what’s happening around you.

[00:07:28] And that’s what we’re talking about a little bit with Zen mind, beginner mind. Zen mind and beginner mind means that we can, we can kind of float at peace, and we also can accept ourselves being new at things and realizing that we’re always learning and always figuring it out. You know, so many of us that- I’m raising my hand here- get to the point where we feel we know everything about a about a particular subject and we become the expert, right, because we know so much. We’ve done so much.

And I’ve talked about taking that expertise and then putting value in the marketplace, and that’s how you grow in your career. That’s how you grow as an entrepreneur. But when those things occur, sometimes we lose the beginning mind or the Zen mind aspect of things, and we stop learning. And that’s where we got to be careful, because when we stop learning, when we stop bringing knowledge in and we lose the beginner mind, that’s when we make errors in judgment.

Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind

[00:08:24] You see, even me with, you know, podcasting, for example. You know, I’ve done 2,908 episodes, so I guess I would qualify as an expert. I don’t know anybody else. I know there’s a few people that have done, you know, 2908 episodes, but I would say, it’s up in the upper 1% of people that have done this many shows over the years, right? I’ve been doing it a long time. I guess I would qualify as an expert. But the truth is, I’m a beginner. I’m constantly looking for new ideas and new ways that I can make this better, and, you know, learning new ways to get it out to more people and focusing on what I need to do, you know?

And I’m a beginner’s, beginner with it. And that’s, that’s kind of the Zen mind aspect. You want to be a beginner, and you want to be somebody that’s learning. If you’re somebody that’s a chef that likes to cook and you figure things out, there’s always different types of food and different ways to make things that you can always be bringing a beginner’s mind to things and a Zen mind to, to the situation.

[00:09:25] So, we’ve had some fun this week talking about, you know, mindfulness and really being aware. And the truth is, when it comes right down to it, what mindfulness and awareness allow you to do is allows you to be self-conscious of what is happening around you. What are the things that are going on so that you can make and adjust and shift so that you can bring more happiness into your life. And that’s what the real secret is, is finding more peace and joy, so that you can channel your focus where it needs to be, so that you can manifest that life that you’re after.

Zen Mind and Awareness

[00:10:03] So, if we get deep and metaphysical, remember, thoughts are things. Beliefs make them so, but actions solidify the belief. And what we’ve got to do is, we’ve got to build more belief. And how do we build more belief? It’s not the old “fake it till you make it,” even though that can work in some scenarios. What it really is about, is being mindful of where you currently are and where you need to go and what are the gaps that you need to jump. You know, what are the things that you need to do to get to the next level?

[00:10:32] And a lot of those things, a lot of the things that happen in society today come around the financial aspect of things that we always want more finances. We always want more money. Right? And the idea, then, is not to, to really focus on that, is the focus on value, to focus on having a beginner mind, focusing on enjoying life, and focusing on the experience and allowing, allowing the revenue and the finance and the people that are going to come into your life to allow you to jump the gaps.

And sometimes you go backwards a little bit. Sometimes you fall down, and that’s part of life. And when you fall down, you’re mindful of it, and you try to figure out what why it happened. You know, what can you take from it? And then you go on forward, and you jump another gap, and we all do it.

[00:11:23] You know, I’m going through a couple of gaps right now. You know, I shifted the business. I made some major changes and, you know, here at Morning Coach. And for me, I think everybody is kind of feeling that they’re better. We’ve got some great things coming, and we’re having fun. I mean, I’m having fun, and I think, at the end of the day, that’s the most important part, is having a great time, and enjoying it, and helping people, and putting energy out, and contributing to the positivity of society. That’s kind of my area that I’m looking for and also helping others find, really, peace, joy, and happiness, which I know that once you start to establish that, the rest of your life just kind of clicks. And we’re going to do that with Mindfulness and Meditation for usy Professionals, which is coming up October 2nd.

Zen Mind and Feeling at Peace

[00:12:10] So, I want you to be thinking about, you know, your approach to life today from a mindful perspective, from a Zen mind perspective. Are you at peace with yourself enough that you can move away from the criticism of others, and deal with the critics, and deal with society, and allow yourself to step back and be individual enough with respect to society so you just don’t outcast yourself outside the system unless it’s something you want to do? There are some people that that’s what they do. They just, they just want to go be an outcast. I would rather be a part of understanding what I need to do to be a part but yet be separate and be able to be mindful of that so that I have peace and joy.

[00:12:57] And so, I know what I should be worried about and what I shouldn’t be worried about, which is really not very much. In the Bible it mentions how God takes care of the lilies of the field and makes them beautiful so why are you worried about anything? Right? And I believe that. I believe that the greater good is conspiring for us. I believe that everything is, has a reason. And, that we live in this spiritual type of mentality, not a stoic mentality where it’s just kind of numb. I believe there is a reason.

[00:13:30] And when, when you allow the dots to be connected and you allow the people to come into your life and the situations to happen, things start to work for you. You’ve got to step back and allow them to work. And being mindful of that, having a Zen mind, beginner mind and not just being overcritical. This allows you to be able to see that there is a future, that there is some awesomeness in the day. So that today can be a beautiful day and every day can be a beautiful day. You know?

Guy, who’s been a longtime Morning Coach member, asked me the other day for the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. He said, you know, “I’m taking this, and I’m making a special day.” He said, “What days do you take in your life that are special?” You know, “what days do you just go all out on?” And I had to laugh because I posted on his Facebook post. I said, “Guy, I take every day special. Every day is a day to go out, all out.” Every day, every minute, every second is so precious. But we get so caught up in the minutia and we aren’t mindful or aware of it that we lose out, and we miss them. And so, I want to take every day back, and I want to help you take every day back. And that’s what we’re doing here at Morning Coach. OK?

[00:14:41] So, let’s be a little more mindful today. Let’s be a little more aware, and let’s have a little bit of a Zen mind, a beginner mind, as we go forward today and appreciate it, because this is the day that God has made. Rejoice and be glad in it. That’s an old statement that I just love, and it is a day, so let’s enjoy it. Let’s go out there and have a great one. And I will keep you rockin’ and rollin’ right here at morningcoach.com. So, go out there. Have a great one. I love you. I do. And I will be back with more right here, tomorrow, to get your day started on morningcoach.com.

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