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It is your personal evolution system. The place to get your day started right! MorningCoach.com was created by JB Glossinger MBA, Ph.D., internationally known motivational speaker, author, coach, and consultant. His daily podcast, or coachcast as he calls it, talks about many different topics such as: motivation, how to find you passion, organization, spiritual ideas, personal development and much more. MorningCoach.com is like having a coach in your back pocket, it is a program to mentally train yourself in order to create a better life. But above all, it is a community of people from all over the world rallying around you at all times.

There are no words to describe the amount of gratitude I have for JB and morningcoach. I am just a man trying to better himself. I started with JB when it was a free podcast about 5 years ago. I haven’t looked back. I found him looking for daily positivity and he was ranked #1 in iTunes. It started with positive thinking and little by little he became my mentor. I would tell everyone about him and to listen to him. He got me through some real tough times… Like losing my job while about to have my a 2nd child and reinvent yourself. He has helped me gain confidence to reach new heights professionally and personally. His way of parking is enlightening and yet not overwhelming. I listen 4-5 times a week almost religiously on the commute to work and I know that it factored into me being a better co worker and better father and husband as well. Daily motivation, inspirational messages, practical organization, social skills, business advise and mostly spiritual guidance are just a part of what you get on his daily coachcast!


I have used morning coach to help me start my own business while also running a successful company of my parents. It helped me figure out how to live the lifestyle of an entrepreneur even though I wasn’t at the time. I gained confidence and felt like a group of people, including JB, who were cheering me on. Now I refer to my coach casts and have referenced Jb in managing my staff. I really don’t know where else you can this that kind of inspiration, support, and consistent positivity.


I booked the daily coaching for personal development about 3 years ago. I was so stuck in life! I needed something to feel comfortable for a go on. And I did my daily coachcast homework over 2 years in detail with the result to achieve more than I would have guessed at all. J.B. offers extraordinary value, he gives great advice, and he moves the universe and makes some strs sparkle for his clients. I loved the seminars and he was a great help in times of trouble, of course: he still is! If you need a new direction in life and some passive leadership, I strongly recommend the coachcasts he daily offers!


From my side I have to say, I listen to the podcasts as regularly as I can which is mostly daily. I think the biggest difference are the days that are going tough when one feels up against it and has a lot of doubt and one is not full of belief and energy. I mean the days where there are legitimate problems and there is no easy way and just listening to MC has helped not just think positive or get a positive attitude but more finding and researching a way to look into learning skills that helps one moving forward. The end message is to just keep moving and learning and making the most of it in a genuine way and Morning Coach has helped to find either some relief and also a new perspective to just keep going.
This is also why I keep going with Morning Coach as I look back two years ago where my attitude was in blaming everything and feeling afraid whereas today not completely fearless but certainly straight on to the issues holding me back and have managed to create a life in a amazing place which is Miami and working with challenging customers trying so sell products across the USA. Thanks MC, and look forward to hearing more!


I stumbled upon MorningCoach while following a mentor trainer of mine, Susan Garrett, and decided to try it. It has changed the way I think and feel everyday of my life. JB reminds us of valuable things to keep in mind to live your life and take control. He brings into awareness that we only limit ourselves, things around us don’t limit us. I had so much success with MorningCoach that I have also joined PowerBizCoach and it has done the same in just 20 short sessions. It has set me up to run our business more efficiently and effectively. If you embrace what JB says and actually attempt to implement his systems and take what he says to heart, it will change your life. With hard work, discipline, and commitment you will see a difference.


J.B. is first and foremost an expert in the field of human potential and growth. He has developed what he calls the personal evolution system, the basis of it lying in improving 1% a day with the help of a 15-minute daily podcast. His mission is to help others manifest the life that they desire and deserve. He strongly believes that every one of us is a miracle of birth and that we can achieve whatever we set our minds to. His advice is on both the practical side as well as on the metaphysical. An inspiration and motivation to me and thousands of others in over 100 countries J.B. has already achieved the heights of the world.


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