This weeks topic: What Is Metaphysics

What is Metaphysics? Is the theme for this week. There are a lot of different meaning for what Metaphysics is and this week we will be going deep into some of the answers.

Monday Motivation: Episode 2923, What Is Metaphysics?
Tuesday Personal Development: Episode 2924, Ask JB Questions
Wednesday Metaphysics: Episode 2925, Does It Really Matter?
Thursday Inspiration: Episode 2926, Interview with Jason Moore CEO Elite HRV
Friday Money/Prosperity: Episode 2927, Manifesting Money
Saturday Systems: Episode 2928, Metaphysical Study Systems
Sunday Spirituality: Episode 2929, Spirituality & Metaphysics

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Weekly Updates

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It is going to be an amazing week. Lets set the intention and focus on living a healthier holistic life.

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Feb 22-24, 2018: Sacred 6 Live R/R + R/R = Greatness: JB Glossinger with Mike Lee Kanarek 
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