One of the most amazing powers we have to use is visualization. In this article, we’ll learn two techniques to use to access this power on a daily basis.
In our weekly book study on the MorningCoach Show, we’ve been studying The Master Key by Charles F. Haanel. He describes the power of visualization, and this is such a powerful tool, that we want to dive deeper into the power of “Visualize and Do”.

Visualize and then DO

Visualize and then do. What does that mean? Metaphysically, the mind is where we first see things happen. Everything that has every been created, like computers, microphones, speakers, paper… everything people create starts as an idea first.
We want to start allowing ourselves to create the things that we need to come into our lives. To make that happen, we need to understand some important metaphysical ideas

All Is Well

Everything is perfect in this moment. We’re all growing at the rate that we’re supposed to grow. That everything is hear for a reason. We’ve gone through our life experiences to take us to this moment in time in this material universe.

It’s important metaphysically to start with this idea, that everything is perfect, because otherwise we will fall into a lack mindset. Every person on the planet right now, is wanting something, even the people who have more money than they can spend.

Desire is Good

We’re all wanting something, we’re all working on something. Desire is normal, natural, and good. We have to understand that it’s okay to feel like things are perfect in this moment. It’s okay to feel like I need to do more. Those feelings are what pushes us. That’s what drives us. That uneasy feeling pushes us to get up and take action.

We Each Have a Mission

It is important to understand that every person on the planet has a mission. We want to do the things that we’re destined to do. We’ve all got a mission, a purpose, a experience on this planet that we are here to experience.

Let’s Have a New Experience

What is the next experience that you want to have? Walking on a beach in Fiji? Flying a plane? A more fulfilling job? A life partner?

Depending on the Scale and the magnitude of the experience that we want, it’s going to take some work to achieve that experience. The most important work is mental work.

It Starts in Our Mind

Remember that we learned that the things we create all started as an idea? We have an idea about our next experience. It’s important to realize that we wouldn’t even have that idea if we didn’t have the possibility to experience it.

We have to do the mental work that will allow us to have the mental power to create that new experience. We have to allow everything line up and manifest into a real experience.

Think and Grow Rich

First we need some clarity. The first thing that Napoleon Hill says in “Think and Grow Rich” is that we have to understand what we are going to do to earn the money for that next experience. How much money do we need, and how are we going to use it?

We need to know exactly how much money we need to have that experience, and how we are going to bring that money into our life.

The same thing goes for a relationship. We have to visualize the type of person that we want in our life, and then figure out what we are going to do to bring those people into our life.

There are basic principles that make the Law of Attraction work, but most people aren’t utilizing them in the correct way.


Once you have a clear picture, you know where you want to go, and you’re excited about that next experience, then it’s time to trust. It’s important to live your life as if what you want is already happening. It’s on the way.

How do we activate this trust? Spend time every day visualizing. Take five minutes a day and visualize that new experience as if it is already happening. For example, driving that new car. How does it feel? What is it like to drive? How do you feel when you see the care in your driveway? Generate as much positive emotion and enjoyment as possible as you visualize.

Visualize Morning and Evening

Spend five minutes visualizing first thing in the morning and right as you fall asleep. These are the best times of the day to program your subconscious mind. Focus on having the new experience, rather than on the obstacles that you might encounter.

Quiet the Mind

Add five to ten minutes of meditation to your day. It’s important to be able to quiet the mind, and that takes some practice. So, take a few minutes to just slow down your thoughts, and relax. Thinking about nothing is the best way to receive inspiration and new ideas.

With a consistent meditation practice, your mental powers will become stronger, and your visualization will become more and more effective.

If you really want to bring something new into your day, isn’t it worth 10 to 20 minutes of a day? Anybody can do this. It just has to become a priority and you have to set aside the time to strengthen your mental powers.
You can use the Quiet the Mind meditation that JB taught on the podcast a few weeks ago, and work on slowing those thoughts down.

Learning to Focus

When our thoughts are chaotic, and there’s a million things going on, it’s really hard to create what we want. All those thoughts create a type of drag, or resistance, that really holds us back.

We want to learn to use our mental powers to focus. Our mind is like the magnifying glass that we use to focus a beam of sunlight. With some time, the focused sunbeam will cause a piece of paper to catch on fire. Our power of focus works exactly the same way.

Let’s slow the mind down, get our priorities straight, and then focus on the next experience that we want. Clarity is the key to all metaphysical power. It’s knowing what you want and why you are driving towards it.

When we visualize something, it will happen.

Two Types of Visualization

First, there is Theater Visualization. It’s like you go and watch a movie. And the movie is you experiencing that new experience. If you want a better relationship, you see yourself meeting that person, or making the changes that you need to make to improve a relationship. If you want better health, you see yourself healing and becoming healthy, strong, and powerful.

Next there is First Person Visualization. We’ve seen those video games where you can see your hand reaching out and taking action. See the experience that you want to create through your own eyes, as if you were living it. You see the relationship occurring, you see the money coming in, you see the family coming together, you see your health improving.

Mastermind Visualization

When we are part of a mastermind group, we can start to visualize our success more clearly. We can also visualize the success that other members of the group are striving for. We often see the potential of others more clearly than our own potential, and we can help them hold to their’s by believing in them. And sometimes, we are the only ones believing in them. Their family doesn’t understand them, or is afraid of the changes they are trying to make. Having and giving that supportive mastermind visualization makes all the difference in our ability to achieve success.

Reality Distortion Field

Steve Jobs was so good about visualization that his people called it his reality distortion field. The best engineers in the world would tell him that what he envisioned couldn’t be done. But he had a really clear vision, and that clear vision allowed him to inspire others and attract the talent to manifest his ideas into a reality.

Lets Get Clear

Pam Grout has put together some interesting experiments that will allow you to test the Law of Attraction, and develop some belief in your ability to manifest the things that you want. You can also watch the progress of the members of our mastermind groups, as we celebrate their growth and success through using these powerful mental tools and systems.

We need to have a clear idea of what we want and we want to know why we want it. Then we focus on that vision and quiet the mind every day. Finally, we take inspired action to reach our goals.

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