Providing lasting value is the key to creating a successful business. The more knowledge we have, the more value we can create, IF we use the right knowledge properly. If you want more money, you have to give more value. You must discover how can you can provide more value.



Building revenue from your knowledge requires calculating the best use of your time for the best return or revenue. Are you giving away your value? Or can you position yourself to generate revenue from your knowledge and/or skill?


Build Value

A different level of commitment and revenue comes from people who are willing to pay you the value of what you are actually giving. Consider keeping certain things behind a pay wall that people have to join to access. Build a group of committed people to work with.



Authentically represent yourself out in the world and communicate enough that people will be interested in what you have to teach. Start to build working relationships but don’t give knowledge away for free over social media like so many do. Only work with those who want to work with you and will commit to a next step. Be available through multiple routes of contacting you.


Learn Marketing Principles

1) Posture and presence

2) Scarcity

3) Strategy

4) Understand Psychology

5) Create systems to achieve goals

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