Everything that exists in the world is governed by the Law of Periodicity where things go through continuous cycles of birth, growth, fruitage, & decline. Many things also follow the Septimal Law or the Law of Sevens. This law controls the days of the week, phases of the moon, harmonies of sound, light, etc. Each seven year period takes us into a new cycle of life.

1- The first 7yr period is infancy.
2- The second 7yr period is childhood.
3- The third 7yr period is the period of adolescence.
4- The fourth 7yr period marks the attainment of full growth.
5- The fifth 7yr period is the constructive period when people begin to acquire property, possessions, & family.
6- The sixth 7yr period is between 35-40 and is the period of reactions and changes.
7- The seventh 7yr period is the period of reconstruction, adjustment, and recuperation.
Which leads into a new cycle of sevens beginning in the 50th year.
There are people who think that the world itself is in it’s 6th year of the 7yr cycle.

When we know about these cycles, we do not become disturbed when we see things “go wrong”. We understand that we can apply the Master Key principles to the situation, and convert every seemingly difficult thing into a blessing.

Wealth is a Product of Labor


Capital is a effect, not a cause. Wealth is all useful and agreeable things which posses exchange value. The true value of possessions is not in it’s utility but in it’s exchange.

The exchange value of possessions allows us to acquire things of real value which will lead to a life lived by our ideals. Wealth should never be desired as an end, but simply as a means to reach an end goal.

Success is based on a life lived by ideals rather than the accumulation of riches. With a clear ideal in mind the way to get to that ideal will become obvious. Do not make the mistake of confusing the means for the end. There must be a fixed purpose and ideal. The power to create depends entirely on spiritual power. There are three steps: idealization, visualization, and materialization.

Thought Determines Action


The successful business man is more often than not an idealist and is striving for continuously higher standards. Our daily thoughts form into our daily actions and moods. These then add up to form the entirety of our lives.

Success starts as an idea. Then we begin to visualize our creation. Then we begin to take actions to create (or manifest) our idea.

The Law of Attraction


What ever enters the mind through the senses can become a pattern for creative energies. The outer environment influences our thinking through images, chance, past thinking, and social influences. Our thought patterns must be subject to careful analysis before being entertained in the mind.

On the other hand, we can create our own mental images. We have the power over our own interior processes of thoughts… Regardless of any thoughts of others or outer environments of any kind.

With the exercise of this power we can control our destiny, body, mind, and soul. We can take control of our own mental processes.

Controlling Thought


To control thought is to control circumstances, conditions, environments, and destiny. To think is to control thought. The result of the thought will depend on it’s form, quality, and vitality.

If the thought is based on ideals then it will attract everything necessary for it’s complete development. If the thought is destructive it will only manifest discord and unhealthy results.

Our ability to differentiate thoughts into form is our ability to manifest good or evil. Our actions are predetermined by the character of our thought.

Quality of mind will lead to greater mental capacity and a control of circumstances. Simply hold the ideal environment in mind to manifest it. Because what we visualize already exists in the spiritual world. If we are faithful to our ideal, it will eventually exist in the physical world.

Feeling is the fountainhead of power. Thought needs feeling if we wish to see results. Mental creativity must also be controlled so that it does not wander from the focused ideal and make things up that don’t exist. Therefore, construct only mental images that are known to be scientifically true. When you do this you will attempt nothing that you know you cannot carry out.

Weekly Exercise


Try to bring yourself to a realization of the important fact that harmony and happiness are states of contentiousness and do not depend on the possession of things.

That things are effects and come as consequences of correct mental states. So if we desire a material possession of any kind our chief concern should be to acquire the mental attitude which will bring about the results desired.

This mental attitude is brought about the realization of our spiritual nature and our unity with the universal mind, which is the substance of all things. When we realize this we will be free from any lack or limitation.

Study Questions


Q: Upon what does wealth depend.
A: Upon an understanding of the creative nature of thought.

Q: Upon what does true value consist?
A: Upon the exchange value.

Q: Upon what does success depend?
A: Upon spiritual power.

Q: Upon what does the power depend?
A: Upon use. Use determines it’s existence.

Q: How may we take our fate out of the hands of chance?
A: By consciously realizing the conditions with which we desire to see, manifest in our lives.

Q: What then is the great business of life?
A: Thinking.

Q: Why is this so?
A: Cause thought is spiritual and there for creative. To consciously control thought is therefore to control circumstances, conditions, environment, and destiny.

Q: What is the source of all evil?
A: Destructive thinking.

Q: What is the source of all good?
A: Scientific correct thinking.

Q: What is scientific thinking?
A: Recognition of the creative nature of spiritual energy and our ability to control it. The greatest events of an age are it’s best thoughts. It’s the nature of thought to find the way into action.

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