Trying too hard or Wanting too much?

Today, we’re going to discuss “Trying too hard”. Sometimes we get into a mindset that we “have to have” something. We want that something to come so much! We start working so hard for that, but it never comes.

Maybe it’s not “trying” too hard. You probably can’t “try” too hard. But you can “want” too much.

When you’re trying too hard, that means you’re putting work in, you’re learning, your doing things, you’re moving forward. You’re making it happen. You probably can’t try too hard.

What We Focus on Expands

But you can want too much. You might want more money, a better relationship, or a new vehicle. “I want it, I want it, I want!”. If you want too much, it pushes it away!

Why? Because if you understand abundance and prosperity principles, what happens is that we don’t believe that we’re going to get it. We’re focused on the lack, and what we focus on expands!

When we want something so much, we’re never going to get it! Because we want it! We don’t believe that we’re ever going to get it. Because if we really believed that it was really coming in, would we worry about it?

The Problem with A Lottery Mindset

Let’s think about money, and the lottery mindset. JB used to buy lottery tickets, and he would think about it constantly. He would lay in bed at night and imagine all the things he was going to do with the money. He would put off checking the ticket for a few days just to have the hope that he might be a winner. Then he would finally check the ticket, and feel like a loser. And then he’d go buy another ticket, and that would give him some hope. It was really a desperate way to live, but a lot of people live that way. So you have to be cautious of the lottery mindset.

JB still plays the lottery, but now he just has fun with it. He’s starting to activate and test the Law of Attraction principles. He’s creating social proof with visualization and manifestation.

Go With The Flow

Golf is a great analogy to life. If you want to hit the ball so well, it rarely happens. Golf is a game of flow! You hit the ball further when you relax and allow your swing to flow and be fluid. Life is the same way. You need to be able to relax, get in the flow. Then things will start to improve.

If you want things so bad, but you keep running into resistance, then we need to think about making some changes. Resistance is a good indicator that you’re trying to force things to happen.

What Should Change

How do we decide what to change? We want to ask “Am I getting energy from this,” or “Am I not getting energy?”

If we’re hitting resistance, but we’re still getting energy, then it’s okay to keep going. If we keep getting resistance, and it’s just not working, and we’re not getting energy, then we need to course correct.

It’s Time to Course Correct

When we feel like we’re paddling upstream, something needs to change. We don’t need to give up on our goal, but we may need to take a detour to get there. It’s important to take time to correct our course of action.

It’s not that we “quit” it’s that we have to take it on in a new way. That’s what we’ve got to learn to do. Sometimes we have to approach our goal from a new direction.

Smooth Not Strong

If we’re getting a lot of resistance, and we’re not flowing, and we’re pushing so hard, then we’ve got to learn to relax. We’ve got to learn to release. In golf, if you want to hit the ball farther, you’ve got to be smooth, not strong.

That’s a big difference. If you want to live a life of peace and joy and happiness and abundance, then we have to go with the flow. We have to allow things to come in. It’s important to practice the Law of Attraction, and allow things to come into our lives.

The Law of Attraction works! The key is that you have to learn to relax and put the visualization to happen, and let it go. Put a smile on your face and go about your work.

Chop Wood Carry Water

The attitude that we have as we do our daily tasks is so important. We want to enjoy life, and become aware and awake as we move through our day. As we become more awake, and at peace, then we can relax more and allow the good to flow into our lives.

We want to be aware of the abundance all around us, and be grateful for the new abundance that is arriving every day. We want to put the energy out there with our visualization practice, create our life experience, and keep going. Expect that good things will happen. Our harvest is coming. That’s a true abundance mentality.

Today, think about what you want. Are you wanting too hard? Let’s focus on getting into the flow, and allowing ourselves to go with the flow. If we’re hitting resistance, is it just some rapids, or are we trying to paddle against the current? If we’re not getting energy from what we are doing, let’s course correct.

Keep the energy going, keep the energy moving, and believe that good things are coming.

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