How Do We Teach Wealth Principles?


We need to teach our communities that it is a Return On Investment (ROI) mindset. When we put our time and money into something, we need to look for some sort of return from the value we’ve created.


How Do We Get An ROI Mindset?


Examples of this could be investing in real estate, stock market, etc. But to build personal value you need to work with and surround yourself with others who value what you do, and are willing to pay for that value. Look to purchase and invest in things, or value and look to produce value. We also want to make this a mindset that is passed down to other generations.


Understanding Your Nut Balance


Do you know what you make every month? Break down your finances and know how much you have coming in and where you are spending it. Budget for your life needs and give room for investment. What are you going to do to achieve these changes?


It’s All About Value


With the Intelligent Life Design (ILD) lifestyle you can learn to understand your market, and create value in the current market.


The System


We are all within the system to a certain extent. But with the Intelligent Life Design (ILD) mindset, you can change your thinking to understand the time is more important than wealth. And value can still be created from the system with you in control of your time. In the Intelligent Life Design (ILD) lifestyle success is based on the amount of time and experiences you have. The priority list is health, time and experiences, and then money.

Continuous Skill Acquisition Creates Value



People who aren’t increasing their skills or teaming up with others are decreasing their ability to generate revenue. Continuous education keeps people valuable since the market is always changing it’s needs.

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