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No matter what you do, you are going to need strong presentation skills. Everyone who is rocking and rolling in life will need to do a presentation at some point. Presenting doesn’t always mean public speaking. However, it is a skill that we can practice and improve on.

Be Real and Authentic

First off, just like in public speaking, be real and authentic. Be yourself. Remember that you have knowledge, skills, and expertise that will help your audience in some way. Your presentation is valuable information for your audience. They need you, and will appreciate your authenticity.


Tell Stories

Tell stories from your life experience and share some of who you are with the audience. If you watch shows like Shark Tank, you’ll see this is how the experts do presentations, too. You can use shows like this to hone your presentation skills.

Create a story list of important events in your life. Then when you’re creating a presentation, you can refer to the list and easily find stories that will support your points and help you connect authentically to the audience.


Don’t Read

Don’t read your presentation to your audience. That is unprofessional and boring. The audience will tune you out and you won’t get your message across. To prepare, make an outline using bullet points, add any charts and data that you need, and add funny photos if you can.


Be very cautions of powerpoint. Think of your powerpoint as the scaffold of the presentation. Then you can use it as a tool to stay on track during the presentation.


Meme Marketing

Make your presentations are relevant. You can use local stories, events, or holidays to do Meme marketing. In Meme marketing, you take something that’s already in someone’s mind, like a local event, and use it to connect with the audience.


Use the Power of 3s

To build a presentation, keynote, or book, you can use the power of 3s. Start with your main topic, and find three sub topics that you want to talk about. Then for each of the sub points, and then 3 points under each sub point… These lower level things are stories, quotes, lists and knowledge. This is a great way to build great content.

Be sure to use repetition. The old speaker’s adage is “Tell the what you’re going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you told them.” When we repeat the main ideas of our presentation, we give our audience the opportunity to really grasp the information.

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