One question that keeps coming up here at MorningCoach is “How do I sell more?” A lot of it has to do with your attitude towards sales. In today’s article, we’ll focus on how you can learn to sell more and make it happen. Don’t be scared by sales! Let’s learn to embrace selling!

Is Selling Bad?

There’s this idea that sales is bad. That sales is dirty. A lot of people, are scared to sell somebody something. That word is just dirty, right? It doesn’t seem like it’s a great word. But at the end of the day, if if we don’t have sales the world stops.

Everything goes away. If people are not selling, they’re not prospering! In the dawn of civilization, we used the barter system. Good hunters might have traded some meat for a better bow and arrow. Then the hunter could easily bring home more food. Humanity grew and prospered because we learned to trade, and developed money as an easier way to exchange goods and services. Selling is the foundation of prosperity, health, and growth.

There are many people in our community who are building their own businesses. We have people trying to break free and build their own business. But where they’re breaking down is in the sales aspect.

It’s all about Connection

The reason people fail at business building is they’re afraid to pick up the phone. They’re afraid to connect. So a lot of people try to substitute technology for connection. They think that technology is the pathway to creating revenue.

Technology has it’s place. At MorningCoach, we’ve been able to build some great systems and are able to reach people. Obviously, podcasting is a great medium. It’s a communication channel.

But the majority of the people that we connect with come from one-on-one relationships. The high level Inner Circle, Round Table, and retreat activities that we do, come from JB working with people and actually talking to them and the one-on-one communication.

Yes, maybe they signed up for an email list one day, or maybe they listened to that coach cast, but it really comes down to getting to know people.

Provide Great Value

Zig Ziglar used to say “You can have everything in life that you want if you just give enough other people what they want.”

And the way sales works is connecting with people and solving problems so sales doesn’t have to be negative. If you are selling something you don’t believe in, then it is negative. But if it’s something that you totally, 100 percent believe in, there’s absolutely no way you can’t sell.

And, in fact, you need to sell. You need to get up on the top of the mountain and scream, but you can’t rely only on tech. Most people want to send an e-mail. They want to be keep it cold to work in the cold market. They don’t want to work in the hot market.

So you’ve got to love what you’re selling. If you don’t believe that you are providing great value to your customer, that will show. Never sell anything that you don’t believe in!

Solve Problems

Then the next step is to be consultive in your sales process. It’s easy! Find problems and then bring solutions to those those problems. That’s the whole secret to the sales process.

Some of things are easier to sell than others. JB’s wife, Pilar, runs a cleaning business. That’s a pretty easy sale. People want to have someone come in to clean their house because they don’t have time to do it. They go looking for a service. They do a search, make a call, get connected, and schedule an appointment for cleaning. Bam. Easy sale. Pilar has solved their problem.

The Mastermind Groups, Events, and Retreats that we do here at MorningCoach is a little more difficult sale. There aren’t a lot of people out there searching for that. In fact a lot of people don’t know the value of it.

So when you’re dealing with something like that, you also have to educate your potential customer on the benefits of your product or service. Why somebody would want to be a part of that? Why somebody would want to spend twenty thousand a year to become a part of something? What would that do for them?

For selling this type of product, it has to be consultive sales. It has to be. You’ve got to be able to solve their problems. You have a specific set of problems that you are solving and that you’re bringing that solution to the marketplace.

Connect with Real People

Technology is amazing. You can reach more people now than you ever have. But is it the only vehicle that’s going to create sales? No. Is it a vehicle that can work? Yes. Just don’t fall into the technology trap. We have to make connections with real people.

The first thing that you’ve got to do is establish that connection. And a lot of times that connection needs to be in person. 

The Secret of KLT

People only buy from someone that they know, like, and trust. Know, Like, and Trust is KLT. If people don’t know you, like you, and trust you are not going to buy from you.

That’s why really critical that we start to change our beliefs and get excited about the things that we are presenting.

For example, let’s look at MorningCoach. We love MorningCoach. It’s a very easy sale, it’s daily coaching, motivation, the power of positivity. We say “You need to listen to this, you need to get good energy.”

Then, we have Intelligent Life Design.

That’s ILD. ILD is actually a little bit easier sell than MorningCoach. Why? Because people are looking to break free. They’re looking to change their lives. They’re looking for help changing their life and building a business, and that’s actually really easy.
The number one easiest sale to make is a show somebody how to create revenue or to change their lives in that manner. And, ILD is not only about that… it’s much more than that. There’s the event, and community, our systems, and everything else.

Then we have our mastermind groups: Round Table and Inner Circle.

RoundTable is a very simple mastermind group, and InnerCircle is a more comprehensive group at a more advanced level. Mastermind’s are a little more challenging to sell, because people don’t understand masterminds and networking and getting to know people and how valuable that is. Those are more challenging sales, but they come from individual meetings and people talking and referrals.
JB also offers personal coaching. Those clients are definitely from referrals or via appointment. There has to be a great fit between the prospective client and JB. JB has to be able to help them solve a problem.

New in 2019 will be our retreats to Columbia, South America. These retreats down in Columbia will only take 10 people. This is to hang out with JB and enjoy the country. There are some pretty cool places very fun cool events. Those sales are not made from an email, they come from one-on-one conversations.

All of these types of sales come from Know, Like, and Trust. And how do we develop KLT? By making one-on-one connections with real live people.

We’re All In This Together

Here at MorningCoach, we’re working on improving our ability to connect, too. It’s easy to hide behind technology. But we can do a better job here, all of us, getting out there and getting to know real people and connecting with real people. We want to lead by example, and show you how easy it can be to build your ILD busines when you understand the power of KLT.

I can’t sell!

Let’s talk about selling. A lot of people feel they can’t sell. They say, “Oh, I can’t sell.”

We don’t want you to sell. Just try to help people. When you get on a phone call, or you’re talking to somebody about what you’re trying to offer, the whole key thing is to remember that people are going to buy from somebody they know, like, and trust. And that someone can also solve their problems.

We believe in consultive sales or a trusted adviser sales which means you’re only going to sell somebody something that they really need. You’re not going to sell somebody something they don’t need.

When you try to sell someone something that they don’t need, and you’re successful, there’s a good chance that they’re going to reject at some point because you sold them in. You should never have to sell somebody in. Meaning, they should make the decision themselves.

Talk to them and listen to their problems.

At the end of the day all you’re doing is solving their problem. If you can’t solve their problem you don’t want to sell them in. You never want to sell anybody into anything. They need to make the decision on their own, without being pressured with sales gimmicks. Otherwise, in a couple of days they’re going to have buyer’s remorse, wondering what the heck happened and they’re not going to be happy. You’ve just destroyed your KLT relationship with that person.

It’s why with JB’s Coaching, and the Round Table and Inner Circle mastermind groups, we make sure each person is a great fit. Look, the last thing that we want is to “sell you” into it. We could say, “Oh you know you’ve got to get it because it’s going to do this and you know give you 19 million promises.” That’s not what it’s about. We want people that are coming to us and saying “I’m interested in Round Table!” That’s how it works. “I’m interested in working with the people in the group, I hear you’ve got great people in there. How do I get started?” OK great. Fill out an application.

Go to and fill out an application and we’ll talk. And JB interviews everybody in his mastermind groups. He wants to make sure you’re a good fit and that we can help you solve a problem. Our mastermind groups help people tremendously. We’ve have some amazing people doing some amazing things.

The First Phone Call

The hard part is getting people to take action to get them on the phone. And that’s one thing that we’re working to improve on here at MorningCoach. Why is that the hard part? Well, because you got to have some type of system that introduces you to people so they get to know, like, and trust you.

How do you do that? You provide great value. Our coach cast, our membership groups are part of the value that we provide. For a very low cost, you can get to know us, and decide if you want to work with us at a higher level.

Sales can Change the World

Today, we want to make sure that you start to shift your ideas about selling. Sales improves the world! For us to be more successful in whatever we do we have to sell. It can be about building your career, but you’re also selling when you try to persuade someone to see the movie that you want to see. We’re selling all day every day, and we just don’t know it.

Sales is not a bad thing it’s a great thing. It’s an awesome thing. It’s what can change the world. It can change your life, but you got to believe in it, and you got to get out there and start talking to more real people. It’s something that we’re doing here, too!

Are there bad salespeople? Of course. Are there good ones? Yes.

The good ones solve a problem the bad ones close you. So be the person that is solving people’s problems.

It’s that simple. Get out there and do that every day and if you solve problems on a daily basis you will win. There’s no way you can lose and you don’t have to close people. People will just generally come to you and that’s what powerful sales people do They’re just solving problems and that’s what we’re doing here together.

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