Practicing mindfulness is one of the most important things you can do. So, it is vital that you understand what mindfulness is. When you can become more aware of what is happening within you, you can change the things outside of you. Join me (JB Glossinger) today as we discuss what is mindfulness and how do you become more mindful.

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practicing mindfulness

[00:00:05] Good morning and welcome to Morning Coach today. I am so glad you’re with us. As you know, my name’s J.B. Glossinger, and this is your personal evolution system, the place to get your day started right. Welcome, welcome, welcome. I’m so glad you’re with me today to start your week, to start your Monday, to start your day with massive energy because that’s what we do here at Morning Coach. Put that energy out there every single day, and I have got a huge week planned for you. We are going to be doing some really cool things.

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[00:01:37] So, we’ve got a big week planned. OK? And the week is going to be about Mindfulness, and, as you know, I’m getting ready to do the course for all of us in the membership called M/M: Meditation and Mindfulness for Busy Professionals. Or we can change it around and say Mindfulness and Meditation for Busy Professionals. But we’re going to talk about this in-depth because I think it’s one of the most important things that we can do and one of the most important life-changing things that we can do. And why is that? Well, I’m going to go through that today and discuss What is Mindfulness. Then tomorrow, we’re going to talk about dealing with habits, and I’ve got some real cool zen stories to share with you as we do, as we go through this that are going to apply to mindfulness. Wednesday, our metaphysical day, we’re going to talk about non-judgement, living in non-judgment. I got another story for you. On Thursday, we’re going to be talking about trying to control every aspect of life, and, again, I got another great story. It’s going to be an awesome week. Friday, we’re going to talk about prosperity mindfulness. Saturday, mindfulness systems. And then we’re going to talk about, on Sunday, the zen mind and where does all this come in.

[00:02:42] So, really cool aspect of life is understanding mindfulness. For me, I really feel that this is where my life has needed the most work. I think it’s the area that, when I am in control of my mind and understanding what’s happening with the mindfulness aspect of things, everything starts to work for me. I manage my energy, and I manage my peace, which, in turn, allows me to make better decisions, which affects everything. My relationships, my, my physical health, the energy that I have, everything down to even the physiological aspects of my body, the way my hormones are playing out, my testosterone, and everything comes back to this aspect of being mindful.

[00:03:28] But what does it really mean? Well, one of our texts that we’re going to be using in the new course is called The Mind Illuminated and it’s written by John Yates, who’s a Ph.D. And he’s taken on a new name called Coola Dasa and John Yates is really an interesting guy. I fell in love with his book and, like I said, it’s one of our texts. Just because he’s a, he’s a neuroscientist- Ph.D. in neuroscience- that got into a Buddhist meditation. It’s just, really you’re going to love this text. And we’re going to, believe me. This is one of our texts. We’re, we’re going to be delving into it in the in the course. We’re going to read the whole thing, and you’ll be getting that as we get it, of course.

[00:04:08] But I want to talk a little bit about what he says mindfulness is. And mindfulness, he says, “allows us to recognize options, choose responses, and take control of our lives. It gives us the power to become the person we want to be, and it leads to insight, wisdom, and awakening.” Now, what else do you want? I mean, that’s what it’s all about, right? So, the question then becomes “what is mindfulness?” And he says it’s kind of a difficult thing to translate. I agree because it comes from the Pali word sati, S A T I. And it doesn’t really capture the full meaning in translation because it was sati. OK? Basically, without sati, we’re always paying attention to something. Our attention’s going all over the place. And this is where I talk about getting, you know, you’re in the minutiae. You’re not in the present. You’re just kind of in the grind. Right? This is why mindfulness is so important because I keep telling you awareness, awareness, awareness is the common theme, right? But let’s get a little deeper here and understand really what’s going on is that with sati where, you know, instead of just paying attention, and we got our attention going everywhere, with this S A T I, sati, we pay attention to the right things and, then, in a more skillful way. And that’s because having Sati means you’re more fully conscious and alert than normal. So, he says, kind of a, kind of a clumsy phrase, and, again, I’m giving Dr. Yates credit here, he says, “it would be a powerfully effective conscious awareness or fully conscious awareness.” And so, mindfulness means that you’re just, it’s just this optimal interaction between what you, where your attention is and the peripheral attention and that overall conscious power of the mind. And that’s really deep, right? But it’s like you just you, you, you’ve got this ability to understand everything that’s happening around you.

[00:06:11] So, let me give you an example. So, if, if Pilar comes in and is upset and maybe she had something happen in her business and she isn’t feeling too good and there’s something going on, and she comes in and is angry at me because I let Neo get in the pool. Right? Neo was swimming in the pool, and I let him in the house. And, we have these beautiful white floors, and all the floors are dirty. So, she kind of, kind of comes in and lets me have it for letting Neo come in. I have a choice, right? If I let the emotion take over and I’m not mindful, my attention is on her and it’s on her anger, and it can actually make my anger, me get angry to say, “C’mon, you know, it’s just a couple of spots. I’ll clean up now,” and then I get angry. Right? I get angry. I don’t really see the cause of her anger, and I, now I’ve created this, made a worse situation in my life. I’ve, you know, made the anger even more. But if I’m mindful, I have the compassion and empathy to understand that maybe something happened, give her her space, let her go take a little breather. Right? And then I understand that then we talk and it’s like, “Wow, you had that happen. I’m sorry,” and then I clean it up. I know I screwed up, but I don’t allow that reaction to hurt my situation or make my life worse. That’s what mindfulness is all about.

[00:07:27] It’s about being able to understand what’s going on in your life and then being able to make the right choices which is, I think, one of the most important, most important things you say. He goes on to say this. He says, “Mindfulness is the optimum interaction between peripheral awareness and attention. So, cultivating mindfulness can change everything that we think, we feel, say, and do for the better. It can completely transform who we are.” And I think that’s the biggest thing for me is that mindfulness, by being able to get yourself in a place where you are, you are steadily conscious, where you understand things at a higher level- that’s where I talk about higher levels of consciousness- you begin to live a life that’s so much more fulfilled. Right?

[00:08:27] So, with mindfulness, and this is what’s critical, life becomes richer and more satisfying. You don’t take things personally. How big is that one? Right? Attention plays an appropriate role within the context and the broad and powerful awareness. We become this, really this, we have this ability to be aware, to see things as they truly are, by becoming more mindful. And I think so many people have issues with what does it really mean. Well, it really means that we’re taking that conscious energy of the mind and putting our attention where it needs to be. Does that take time and work? Yes, it takes time. There’s some things you need to do to learn how to do that. We’re going to do that together and really become more mindful.

[00:09:16] I’ve got another definition for you, and this comes from another book that I have by Donald Altman, who’s a therapist, and he’s author of The One Minute Mindfulness and also The Mindfulness Toolbox. And he gives us some tools that we’ll be using and I like this toolbox. But he says this, which is also pretty cool, “Mindfulness is a powerful, scientifically-proven medicine for breaking free from harmful emotional ruts and mindless habits in order to live life with full awareness and greater freedom.” How awesome is that? That’s what mindfulness is. It is the answer to so many things, but yet, as, as people that are living lives as we are and, you know, as we set goals and as we go out there and, and work to become better and have more things and be happier. It is the area that I believe that isn’t being taught, that isn’t, isn’t out there in any significant size. Nobody’s really going after this at a level to help others. And that’s what we’re going to start doing.

[00:10:25] And also, now that we have HRV and we have heart rate variability- and, obviously, in the course I’m going to be going through that, and I got a new program that I’m going to be announcing here real soon- we have science. I mean, I am so blown away over the last couple months how my life has changed by just being able to monitor where my, my nervous system is and then using techniques such as meditation to become more mindful and to allow myself to make better decisions and not get so upset and frustrated and stressed out. It’s just a beautiful, beautiful way to live. And now we have some science behind it.

[00:11:07] So, I want you to get to this point where you can start to make better decisions in your life so that you can have more clarity in your life. And we’re going to start that this week by digging into mindfulness. We are going to talk a little bit about habits and how they’re affected with mindfulness. And, we’re going to talk a little bit about judgment and how that it affects mindfulness. Also, we are going to talk about trying to control every aspect of life and where that comes into mindfulness. Right? We’re going to talk about prosperity. I’ll give you some mindfulness systems, as we prep for the 11 week course that I’m going to be taking through, taking you through to really get in-depth on meditation and mindfulness. Right? So, this is really the prep. And so, I think you got a better idea of it.

[00:11:56] Now, I will tell you that practicing mindfulness generally has this connotation that’s always with Buddhism, right? The Zen Buddhist mind, Zen, that kind of Buddhist mentality. This is, it’s no longer the case, even though it does kind of come from that eastern ideology of Buddhism. Right? The foundation is more scientific now than even, even Buddhism. I love Buddhist meditation. In fact, that’s where a lot of my philosophy comes from, a lot of things we’re going to be studying, but it transcends all of that now. Mindfulness transcends all of that. That it’s literally becoming a way of life.

[00:12:39] And if you can have more joy and happiness and release stress, then it’s a very practical, practical thing to do. Right? And if practicing mindfulness means slowing the mind down, understanding, being a little more introspective. getting a little bit deeper, then it’s a very practical thing. It’s going to help you know what you want in your life, how you can stop having those you know those arguments, those escalating arguments, how you can go into a job and you can perform better because you, you’ve got a better mindset. We can work out on the physical aspects every day, but the mental is really what it’s all about. And this is what we need.

[00:13:18] We can see there’s so much suffering in the world. How do we end suffering? Well, we help people become more mindful and that way they can get the skills and the knowledge to live an ILD life or do the things they want to do. So, to me, this is, I think, the most important course I’ve ever put together, the most important work I’ve ever done. But more importantly, I think here at Morning Coach I think it’s so critical that we start our mornings off being a little mindful, That we start to become more aware of our surroundings. We start to, instead of being reactive, we become proactive. We use that conscious energy to put our attention and our focus where it needs to be. At the end of the day, when we start to mix these ideas and thoughts together into this concoction, this alchemy of of of personal development, we realize that practicing mindfulness is just a part of the whole goal-setting process that allows us to get clear about what we want to bring into our lives. So, that allows us to focus on what’s important, and as we know, what we focus on expands.

[00:14:20] And so, that’s what we’re going to be doing this week with mindfulness. So, let’s go out. Let’s get some great energy going, and let’s do this. OK? Let’s make it happen. Let’s start getting a little more mindful. And just by putting it in your consciousness, we’re already starting to do it. So, it’s going to be a great week here.

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[00:16:22] So, go have a great day. I’m so pumped. We got an awesome sponsor today. We got great things happening. And this week is going to be huge as we get into mindfulness. It’s going to be awesome. So, go out and have a great one. And if you need me, you know how to get me. I love ya. I do.

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