“ Having posture and presence working in your life will bring you many benefits. You will have better relationship, better friends, more respect and you will get more of everything that you want. ” – JB Glossinger

Posture and Presence is one of our favorite topics here at MorningCoach becase it’s life changing! If you can get a little more posture and presence in your life, you will get more things. You’ll get better deals, make more friends, and get better service. Everything is better!

Posture & Presence

Posture is the way you walk. The way you move. The way you do things. Presence is the feeling that people get when you are in the room. 

How do you establish posture and presence? 

1) Health

Health is critical. If you aren’t feeling good it’s really hard to have presence. People are going to see it. One of the things that helps JB with posture is sitting on an exercise ball. Be sure to practice sitting up straight, shoulders back and down, chest out! Don’t allow yourself to hunch!

You want to feel good. Health is such a big part of this because everything you do has to do with energy. We need to eat good food to create good energy. We need to have good energy to use the Law of Attraction.

2) Uniform

What do you wear? If you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes, then it’s really hard to have presence. You’re going to feel self conscious. You’re going to walk into a room and feel like you don’t belong. Find something that you can wear that you’re going to be comfortable in. You want clothes that feel make you feel good and that helps you feel very comfortable.

3) Attitude

People are observing your attitude and the things that you’re bringing. MorningCoach and ILD is the place where you can come for an attitude adjustment! We’ll give you tips and tricks for improving your attitude.

When you are learning cutting edge things and bring those things it adds a level of coolness. It puts you at a new level and adds to your presence. You want to feel a bit different. This is where your uniqueness can really shine through. It’s cool to be different! Fall in love with your authenticity! 

4) Mantra 

“Day by day and every way…” I’m getting stronger and stronger. I’m bringing the power, I’m feeling stronger. When you get that mantra going you are rocking it! You want to make sure that you have the right mindset. 

5) Creating Credibility With Communication

You want to make sure when you talk to people to add “because…” statements. “Because…” statements are some of the most powerful ways to connect with others. This was proven in a Harvard Study that showed that people were much more likely to comply with a request that contained the word “because”. The request “May I use the copier because I need to make 5 copies?” worked much better than the shorter “May I use the copier?”

These little triggers are so important in the way you ask for what you want. We gain instant credibility by using the word “because”. 

It’s important to know the principles that give you posture and presence. Here are the ones that we discussed today: 
1) Maintain Good Health
2) Have a Uniform that makes you comfortable and confident
3) Improve your Attitude
4) Use a Mantra 
5) Improve connection: Add the word “because” to your request.

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