Does it really matter to have a positive attitude? Will Positive affirmations help you achieve all your hearts desires if you think positive about it? Join me (JB Glossinger) today as we discuss what it really means to have a positive attitude.

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[00:00:14] Good Morning, and welcome to MORNING coach today.

[00:00:16] I am so glad you’re with us. As you know my name’s J.B. glossier and this is your personal evolution system, the place to get your day started right.

[00:00:27] Welcome, welcome, welcome. I’m so glad you’re with me this Wednesday as we are ready to take it on. It is our metaphysical day. And as you know going down the rabbit hole is something I’d love to do.

[00:00:38] Getting a little bit deeper and thinking about things from a deeper perspective, and we’re going to do that today because we’re going to talk about, and think about does being positive really matter?

[00:00:49] Does it really matter? Well I’ve got to tell you I’m really positive today because you have helped me a lot since we started putting out the podcast again this year we reached a milestone. Yesterday we reached a million downloads. So thank you so much for your helping us get the word out because if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to do this. And you being here is helping us make a difference in whether you’re on an iPhone app or Android app or you’re listening to iTunes or SoundCloud or wherever you’re at. You know I appreciate you leaving reviews. I appreciate you subscribing on iTunes, that really helps us, and it gets this message out to make a difference, and that’s really what morning coach is about. It’s about making a difference. It’s about being there every morning so that there is a place for you to come. No matter what’s going on in the world, being there for you, and being there for others. And by you being here, not only can it help you when you need it, and I know you don’t need it every day, but when you needed I’m here.

[00:01:45] And the most important thing is for those people that really do need it, I’m here. In case you don’t know, We have a lot of wonderful people that are listening right now that are you know battling cancer, that are taking on health issues, that are battling you know poverty issues. And there’s a lot of different challenges that a lot of people have. But by being you, having you here we’re all in this together and that energy is going out to everybody no matter what the challenge is. And you know since this year we’ve had a million downloads so we’re really putting that energy out there and we’re doing it together. So thank you. And no matter what challenge you’re having. I’m right there with you fighting in the corner. I’m right there and we’re doing it together.

[00:02:27] So let’s get into this topic today about being, does being positive really matter? The way I’ll start this off by talking is, you know really thinking about this.

[00:02:38] You know I’m five foot nine I’m 48 years old. You know I live here in South Florida and if I wanted to go play for the Miami Heat tomorrow I don’t care how much positive thinking I have, and what I could come up with as far as being positive. There’s absolutely no way, that I’m going to play for the Miami Heat. It’s impossible. But if I went after it and I was positive about it I would end up in a much better state than I was negative. In fact one of my mentors Zig Ziglar says this. He says “Positive thinking will help you do everything better than negative thinking will.” And I think that’s the key aspect of this is that when we start to understand, our outside or our external reality is being created by our thought process and the way that we perceive things around us. Then all of a sudden we can get ourselves to understand that it’s an internal battle that we have day in and day out to control the conditioning or the things that are coming into our mind that are giving us and helping us shape that external world. So that’s where positive thinking really comes in is that as we start to think differently about the world that we’re living in and we start to look at the positive instead of the negative and we start to see the positives in some of the things, our external world starts to change. You know I look at Facebook right now and I see a lot of people that are struggling. They think the world is at the brink of an end.

[00:04:07] They see horrible things going on, and look I’m not happy with the state of things, but I’m never really happy to start this state of things right? That’s just kind of the way I am. It’s that you know, I always want to see things better. Heck I want to end poverty, hunger, and disease. But at the end of the day this is the greatest time to be alive. There’s so many wonderful things going on, the economy is trillions of dollars, people are generating revenue and really making positive change, and my approach is instead of complaining about it on Facebook and getting all negative I want to build something like this, that is going to actually make a real change out there as we impact other people, and we shift the consciousness. Me complaining about it just adds to the problem because from a metaphysical standpoint when you start to focus on the negative, and let’s say you don’t like one political party or you don’t like some other political thing, the more you focus on it the more it expands. And I don’t care where you’re at in the world today as far as your political beliefs. That’s not what this shows about. But if we look in the United States and you look at the polarization of what the president of the United States, Now Donald Trump, has done, He has created this situation where people were there focusing on the negative. Right? Or they’re focusing on the other things that he does.

[00:05:23] But he’s created this atmosphere, where he’s just created this kind of personality that is getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger, because what we focus on expands. Right? So I know a lot of people say “J.B. but we got to get politically active because that’s what’s going to make a difference. I got to post that stuff on Facebook is that’s what’s going to make the difference, and to let people know how I feel, because that’s what’s going to make the difference.”

[00:05:48] I question that. Is it really? Is it really going to make a difference in your life and the lives of others? Think about it. Or is it actually making things worse?

[00:06:00] It’s really a scary line when we start to think about that from a metaphysical perspective because what we focus on expands. So we need to be very cautious of what we’re allowing in our brains, and what we’re getting emotionally attached to, and where we’re putting our energy because the metaphysics of thought are this, is what we constantly think is what we’re bringing into our lives? So we’re constantly emotionally angry, and frustrated, about a certain political party or we’re frustrated, and angry, about a certain thing we’re bringing more of that into our life. I’m not saying we celebrate, it but I’m saying there’s better ways to spend your time and your energy. Then to be getting on Facebook and getting in social and getting frustrated about certain things. And you know that can be challenging, but I challenge you because that’s my job here. Is to get you putting your energy into things that you could control things that you can do that you really start making a bigger difference in your life. And it’s so critical. So the aspect here then, is that we understand the metaphysics of thought and we understand the metaphysics of energy, and where we’re putting that thought in our energy. Where are you putting it? Is there insanity around? Yes. Is there craziness around? Yes. Is it directly affecting your life. and currently in this moment? Well it depends if you’re letting it. It depends if you’re letting that in if you’re letting those things come. I choose to create my own reality.

[00:07:27] I choose to create a reality with people that get it, that people that are making changes that are focused on growth and development and and focused on science and breakthrough. And believe me there are some amazing things going on out there. The technology that’s coming. The ideas that are coming, the thought process that are coming in, actually the rise of consciousness and spiritually enlightened people that are rising above all this noise and collectively coming together to be, to really make a difference is awesome. It’s awesome. But you see lower consciousness everywhere, and I’m not going to judge. I’m going to live my life according my values and my beliefs and I’m going to put that energy in there and I’m not going to get caught up in the minutia of all the things that are created around me did to break me away from having the freedom that I can have day in and day out.

[00:08:16] So that’s the metaphysics of thought. So for me I like to see have an optimistic view on the world. I like to see the good things that are happening. I see the stock market is just rocketing. Everybody saying oh it’s going to take a turn. Well guess what when it takes a turn I see buying opportunities. Right? I’m always seeing opportunities. I’m down in Columbia now all the time and man it’s just awesome down there. People say “J.B. Why do you have friends over there?” because I see the good, I see the good things that are going on. You know we take these little pockets of negativity, and is there a negative? Yes, I train with Ex Israeli special forces. I understand some of the deeper things that are going on than most people, but that’s not what I’m choosing to look at. I choose to look at the positives and expand that positivity. And see that the human condition can change. Is there lower consciousness? Yes. But is the human condition moving in the right direction? You know it depends on what you’re looking at. You know there’s an old story of a man that was sitting outside the town, and there was a guy coming into the town. He says “Man I’m Geez I can’t believe the town that I was in. They were all you know full of drama and politics. It was crazy it was such a horrible town. The Energy was negative. It was just horrible,” and he looked at the old man he goes “what type of town is this?”

[00:09:30] He says “Man I tell you what, it’s probably going to be a lot the same.” And as he walked off in disgust. Then another guy came in and said “You know I come from a town with great people, we are good energy. They were coming up with ideas and thoughts and things were awesome in that town it was so much fun I had such good friends. What kind of town is this going to be?”

[00:09:48] And the old man looked at him goes “probably a lot the same. So think about that a little bit, as you approach your day today, are you approaching it with optimism and positivity? Or are you seeing the negative wretched side of life? Be cautious of what you’re taking in every single day and what’s coming in.” Does this mean we stick our head in the ground? Heck no. I just signed up for a 30 day Wolf one course Earth.

[00:10:14] I’m sorry 30 hour Wolf one course. We go 30 hours no sleep no food. And we train for 30 hours. Why do I do it? Well a lot of people ask me that. You know why do I have a Tavor and why do I do Glock training, and why do do all this hard core training? Not to bring the negative into the world, I do it because it focuses me. I do it because it’s a spiritual retreat.

[00:10:34] I got to be focused at the task at hand and also I’m a believer being prepared. So thus I see all the positive things that are happening in the world. But I’m prepared for the negative. As I mentioned earlier is there a time when you need to understand the worst case scenario?

[00:10:50] Yes there is. Is there a time when you need to understand the negatives that are happening around you? Yes there are. But the key is understanding your energetic level and where you’re putting your energy.

[00:11:03] If my thought process is constantly negative, again in the idea at MorningCoach is what? Get us 51 percent positive. But if I’m constantly in that negative and I’m constantly seeing the dark side which is there, but if I’m constantly focused on that that’s what I’m going to bring into my life.

[00:11:17] I don’t focus on that. I focus on the positive. And I am prepared for the negative, and that’s where we all need to be.

[00:11:25] So when you go about making your decisions, part of the decision making model is to understand what is the best case and what is the worst case scenario and you need to know that. So it’s not about being an ostrich and put your head in the sand. It’s about maintaining and controlling your energy. And that’s it.

[00:11:42] Understand where your energy’s going. My energy does no good, to sit in front of the news and get captured into all the negativity that’s going on out there. What it does do, is as I focus on the positives it allows me to go and train and be prepared for anything that’s going on. right? So see the shift there? I’m not an ostrich. I’m the exact opposite, But I choose not to let other people’s ideas and thoughts change the way that I make a difference in the world. Am I prepared? Yeah. Am I doing my job. Well a million downloads of people thinking differently. I think it is helping and you’re doing that because you’re here right?

[00:12:20] So optimism in the way that you see the world changes everything. But we also have to understand that there are bad people out there and things are not always that rosy and positive, but I choose to not participate in those because I want to focus on creating a reality of change. I want to focus on in choosing a reality of positivity and optimism and things starting to happen. And in doing that I get better and more exciting people around me, and I focus on that. You know Saturday we’re going to talk a little bit about staying positive around negative people. But the idea is to get around people and your teams, that want to be around positive people. I mean people don’t want to be around negative people. Bottom line. Negativity is contagious as well as optimism is contagious. And I want to be around people that are optimistic. Who wants to stand around or sit around a table where everybody’s bitching and moaning about how bad life is, or how bad some political party is, or how bad this person is, or how bad that person is? That’s just chismoso in Espanol. That’s just rumor in any window, and the truth is that little people think about people, and big people think about thoughts and ideas. And I mean that I use that term loosely little people in big people, I’m talking really about lower consciousness and higher consciousness. If you find yourself in that rumor around that water cooler talk step out of that.

[00:13:41] OK. Step out of that. Because this is all about energy. It’s all about energy, and it’s all about perspective. Are we going to win? No. Every time? No. Are going to lose? sometimes. You know are we going to fail? Yep. That’s just part of life. Are things going to go the way that you want them to go? Sometimes No.

[00:14:01] Are you going to walk around and be a cheesy positive person thinking that everything is just roses and smiles? No. You’re going to be prepared, but you’re going to be optimistic and you’re going to be positive, and you’re going to be a doer, and you’re going to be a goal setter, and you’re going to go after it, and you’re to live your life, and you’re going to love your life, because this is an internal battle. Protect your internal Kingdom. Protect that kingdom, from all those people that are attacking it constantly. Wanting you to join them and be negative, because again the challenge is this, getting to 51 percent positive and 49 percent negative.

[00:14:36] Are we ostriches? No. We don’t put our head in the sand, but we don’t get caught up in the minutia that’s going to hold you back. We get caught up in the optimism that is going to bring you forward. That’s the real secret, and I’m going to leave you with Zig Ziglar because I love this quote. “Positive thinking will help you do everything better than negative thinking will.” And this whole coach gas comes down to that. Is that positive thinking will make you do everything better than negative thinking will. So let’s be a little more positive today. OK. I love you. Thank you so much for getting this out to the world.

[00:15:08] We are making a difference together. We know who’s out there challenges with health challenges and issues and you know we’re here to support you. And if you’re dealing with anything you know you always have a voice, and you always have a place, and you always have a home. And it’s right here at I will always be here to help you as long as I’m breathing.

[00:15:26] I’m going to be here to keep bring in the positivity and bring in the energy. And we’re going to do that together. So get out there have an amazing day. I love you. I do. Don’t forget to subscribe. It helps me on iTunes and let’s keep rocking this thing, as we do it every single day and I’ll be right back with you tomorrow morning to get you going. So get out there and have a fanominal time.


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