We want to find your passion and turn it into money. A lot of advice says to do what makes you money. Having a passion for what you do makes your work more successful. You need to love the business, love the products, or make the shift. When you put passion into what you do things work.

Can you always make a living on your passion?

It depends on the market and income budgeting. It depends on what that passion is for you. Find your passion and build a lifestyle around that. Then incorporate basic business practices such as ILD to create an income from it.

Passion takes investment.

Often transferring into a lifestyle based around your passion it takes an investment in building your skills. The greatest part of business is investing. Investing has it’s payoffs. Investing in your business can be categorized as a business expense right off. Your investments should be towards education. You have to continuously invest in education if you want to build and ILD lifestyle.

How to monetize passion?

You have to find the right systems of use for your passion and have a thorough understanding of your passion. Find others who want to invest in your passion. You need to get out of your box and connect with teachers and mentors.

The money is the bi-product of your passion combined with investment.

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