“ I am flowing with love and energy and this helps me maintain the belief in myself ” – JB Glossinger

Impostor syndrome is basically the idea that “I’m a fraud and everyone will find out.” We are full of self doubt, and we feel this way because we don’t believe in what we’re teaching or what we’re doing.

When you feel like an impostor, it’s difficult to have much success. Self doubt creates fear, and fear always holds us back. We’ve got to learn how to believe in ourself and our abilities, in order to overcome Impostor Syndrome. So how do we do this?

Know Your Stuff

Know your material inside and out. Study, research, and continually learn more about your topic. You want to set aside time everyday for study and learning, so that you are always deepening understanding of your topic or skill. This is really important, cause then you don’t feel like a fraud. You won’t worry that you don’t know enough to answer someone’s questions.

Treat Everything As An Experiment

Be willing to experiment and take chances in your field. If it doesn’t work, so what? It’s okay to be on the leading edge and not know if your ideas will work. The more we experiment the better we get, right?

It’s also okay to say “I don’t know, that’s a really good question. I’ll have to investigate that.” Often, your audience will really appreciate your honesty and willingness to commit to digging deeper into a shared problem.

Focus On Value

Value drives everything. Focus on providing great value to your audience, customers, or clients. As long as we bring great value there is nothing to worry about. Value is a relative thing. Different people will perceive your value differently. That’s ok, just focus on value. When we are more knowledgable, we have more presence and authority, and the more presence you have, the more value you have. If you focus on value, value will come back to you.

Stop Comparing Yourself

Don’t compare yourself to others. No matter how much you admire someone, or look up to them, don’t fall into the “comparison trap.” Our self-doubt uses comparison to others to hold us back and as an excuse to not even try.

It’s important to celebrate everyone. We correctly realize that we can’t duplicate what another person is or what they have achieved.

Doubt whispers “Why even try… I could never do that!” It’s true that we don’t have the exact talents and abilities that our mentors and leaders have, but we have our own powerful package of talents.

Be Authentic

Take some time to get comfortable with your uniqueness. We want to learn to value the knowledge, experience, and natural gifts that we each have. And we all have unique interests that pull us to new and interesting knowledge and experiences.

We each have a unique perspective on life, and a unique combination of skills and abilities. There are many people out in the world, and some of them need our exact combination of knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Many people focus on fame and trying to achieve fame. Fame is highly over-rated. We just need to become more authentic. We want to find those people that appreciate our package of skills and abilities, and work with those people. That’s the key. It’s better to work with two hundred people that get it, than millions that don’t.

Get Rid Of Drainers

As much as possible, get negative people out of your life. A lot of us have been raised to do things to please others. We’re constantly worried about pleasing others. Our fear of the opinions of others holds us back.
We think, “I can’t do that… I can’t get out.” We believe that we are stuck with negative people because they are family, or we need the security or income from that job. Those golden handcuffs keep us stuck in negative situations.

To remedy this, we must change what we are doing. We can create a two to five year plan and come up with some other solutions where we don’t have to have negative people in our lives. We can even create distance with negative family members.

Be Aware Of Impostor Syndrome

When we become aware of our feelings of self doubt, that feeling starts to dissipate a little. Shine the light of awareness on it, and realize that we all are in this together.

Everyone Started Somewhere

Everyone started somewhere. The important step is to allow yourself to start. Don’t hesitate. You can make a plan, and begin to make little changes in your habits, thoughts, and beliefs. If you don’t know how to get started, then our ILD Membership can help you make those changes in your life.

What we teach here at MorningCoach is outside the framework of the system. It’s a different way to live life. We believe that people need something different. If people are getting to a place in their life where they’re not happy, then they have to do something different. They’ve got to invest in themselves, and get different knowledge. They’ve got to get around different people.

That’s the motivation behind Intelligent Life Design (ILD). They’s why we built it. We’re tired of people being stuck and unhappy. We’re tired of people suffering. Lets do something different. Let’s leave a legacy. Let’s help others

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