In order to get more mindful, we need to have systems in place. Join me (JB Glossinger) as we discuss the mindful systems that are out there and the ones that can work for you.

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mindfulness practice

Episode 2907 Mindful Systems

[00:00:09] Good morning and welcome to Morning Coach today. I am so glad you’re with us. As you know, my name is J.B. Glossinger, and this is your personal evolution system, the place to get your day started right. Welcome, welcome, welcome, and I’m so glad you’re with me today. We’re rockin’ and rollin’ and we’re having some fun. It is a Saturday, and I hope you’re doing great. I really do.

[00:00:31] If you don’t have the proper energy today, sending some energy to deal with whatever you’re dealing with. And then, you know, in life there are days that things are just going great, and there’s also days that Mama said was going to be like this. And if you’re having one of those days that Mama said it was going to be like this, hey, it’s OK. We’re here to get you back up and get you going today. We’ve been talking about mindfulness all week, and we’re going to get into this idea of Mindfulness Systems to help you to get some systems in place that will help you.

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Mindfulness Practice: Educate Yourself on Multiple Systems

[00:01:31] So, mindfulness systems. So, mindfulness is really about being aware, as we’ve discussed this entire week. You know, how do we become more aware of what’s going on? To put it in context of a relationship, you’re in a relationship. Things are going great. You go to the movies, and you order the wrong drink. The person you’re with gets angry or frustrated. I know, maybe they’re having a bad day, right? You get angry because they’re angry about something so stupid. Next thing you know, you’re in a full blown argument; ruins the whole night. You go home angry. They go home angry. Everybody’s angry. Right?

If you’re mindful and aware, you would recognize how dumb it is to get angry over a soda or something that you ordered that was wrong, and you would stop it there and shift or create some space in order for you to get through it. And that’s what being mindful is about, is you’re able to make better decisions, and, more importantly, you can put the attention and the focus where it needs to be instead of just living a life that’s, you know, going all over the place.

Having a Mindfulness Practice Enables You to be Aware

[00:02:30] And so, we want to become more mindful. We want to become more aware. And how do we do that? Well, the first thing is just being aware of actually being mindful. Most people go through life without this concept. You know, this isn’t something that’s taught in schools. It’s not something that’s prevalent in society today. And so, for a lot of people, they don’t even really understand the concept.

They just live, and it’s why so many people live in what Thoreau called “quiet desperation” because they’re desperate. They, then they’re not mindful. They’re not aware. They’re in worry, anxiety, and doubt, meaning, they’re stuck in the future, which is worrying, anxiety, or in the past, which is filled with doubt or maybe pain because of something’s happened. And the truth is, we’ve got to become more present, become more mindful. And so, just being aware of that is critical.

Mindfulness Practice: HRV

[00:03:20] Now, there’s some new science, and we’re going to talk about this in the new course that’s coming, M/M, and that is the HRV reading. And with HRV, we can now really accurately kind of see if we’re, you know, over-stressed in the sympathetic nervous system or if we’re training to the parasympathetic nervous system. And so, for me, I start my day, part of my, my morning routine, now, is to check my HRV, and I do that every day to get my number, to get kind of where I’m at, and it helps me become mindful.

So, one of my first systems is HRV, and we’ll go into this in-depth into a new course, but just recognize that by understanding this concept and being able to measure it day in and day out. It gives you the ability to have a system that lets you kind of know where you’re at and then creates the awareness. Again, the consistent things that we do day by day are what is going to change our life, is what’s going to make the difference. And so, understanding basic things like this can help you. So, HRV is another one.

Mindfulness Practice: Daily Meditation

[00:04:24] The other one that you can do is daily meditation. So, part of my, my practice and what I do, now, is daily meditation. So, I get up, you know. Most days I drink my lemon water; some days I miss that. Next, I get moving and I go for a walk. I listen to Morning Coach; we’re going to talk about that in a minute. Then I come home, you know, and I write down my Sacred Six. Next, I get organized on what I’m going to do, and then I’ll tend to go to the gym or jump in the shower to get ready for the day. Then I come back, and I will do some meditation, usually 15 to 45 minutes of meditation. Finally, I will check my HRV.

Now, sometimes I’ll do the HRV a little bit before, but I’ve got a routine that I’ve got this structure in place that has helped me become aware. And what these steps are doing, whether it’s testing my HRV, or whether it’s going for my walk, whether it’s doing a little daily meditation, it’s all about getting out of the minutiae of having to check the emails, having to see who called, having to look in the CRM, what’s going on today. All that comes after I’ve already established the mindfulness in the morning. OK? So, daily meditation is another way that you can connect a little bit more to the mindfulness.

[00:05:34] Now, I’m going to teach you a lot about meditation and some ways you can do it as a busy professional. I know it’s challenging, and we’ve got to find a way to fit it into our day, and I’m going to help you with that. And a lot of that has to do with the morning routine that we put together. And same thing with HRV. So, I’m going to go through a lot of this, but it’s my mindfulness system. And I’m kind of helping you with it to help you.

Mindfulness Practice:

[00:05:55] And then, of course, I said Morning Coach. So, when I initially put Morning Coach together, to just, to give you a little history, I was looking to find a place where I could go and get consistent information on a daily basis. And as I went out there and I looked, there were audio books, there was Audibles, there were CDs and tapes, you know, which I’d been using all over the years, but there was no consistent information. So, I knew I needed something positive in my mind to start my day, but I couldn’t find it.

So, my original intention with Morning Coach, before I started doing the conference calls and everything, was to get other speakers to do it. But as I went out and started meeting a lot of the speakers, I didn’t feel they were the type of people that I wanted to be a part of Morning Coach, and I eventually started doing it myself, which was pretty crazy. So, I started doing it myself as a conference call. People would get on and listen. And then they started telling everybody. And then we got too many people, and I couldn’t get a more conference calls. So, we started putting it up as a podcast.

[00:06:55] And the intention was to get people’s day started with something different than running out and jumping in the car and, you know, listening to news or sports radio like I used to and getting all drama-filled and getting, getting less mindful. And in full disclosure, it wasn’t even about mindfulness back then. It had nothing to do with it because I wasn’t mindful back then. I didn’t even really study that at that point. It was really just for the positive energy and the motivation. Now, over the years, obviously, we have evolved, and one of the areas that we’ve evolved is really becoming more spiritual.

[00:07:28] And I’ve discussed this kind of the same pattern that Wayne Dyer was on. Dr. Wayne Dyer, as you know, before Wayne passed away, he had become more of a spiritual person and teaching spirituality. When he started, he was more of a psychological, science person, and, over the years, he changed. In fact, if you look at his first books, The Erroneous Zone and some of the first books he put out, he never even mentioned God. You look at the last few books he put out, God is the prevalent theme or the Universe or energy. Right?

[00:07:58] So, so, this idea is the same thing here at Morning Coach. We started off as a motivational system, and then we started to move towards more of a spiritual system, but encompassing all of it. And that’s kind of where we’re at today. So, Morning Coach, really the objective here is to make you more aware of what’s happening in the day. So, the system that you really need to become more mindful is already provided for you. You’re already listening to it, and you just got to plug in to this. So, as we get into meditation and we get into measuring HRV, it’s really just part of the overall system that works with you. So, that’s, that’s really a key thing that will help you really get that going and to get that organized.

Mindfulness Practice: Card Decks

[00:08:45] Couple other things that you can do within a framework of a mindfulness system. One is, they’re putting out a lot of card decks now. And what do I mean by card decks? Well, you get these cards and there’s like 52 of them in a pack, and they give you a mindfulness exercise to do. And basically, what you can do is, you can just pull out the exercise, and it’s like, “take some time and use the mouse in the left hand,” you know, and it gives you an exercise to do. Now, personally I enjoy that. I think they’re good. They’re, they’re great.

In fact, we’re going to incorporate some of that into the M/M course where I will be giving you some mindfulness exercises and taking you to Facebook and saying, “hey, did you do this today?” But that’s one thing that you can do, is getting yourself into a situation working that way to get yourself organized and structured properly. So, card decks are great, but I’m also going to be bringing kind of that mindfulness activities into Morning Coach. So, again, you’ll have it here. But you can also look for this if you’re looking for something else to add.

Mindfulness Practice: Group Accountability

[00:09:48] The other thing that I was going to tell you, besides card decks, is to get involved with groups because, again, if we can create some accountability, any time you can work in a group it helps. Part of the reason I think CrossFit has gotten so big, besides Bob’s film on it- if you haven’t had a chance to check out Bob Rose’s film, you know, you get, you need to do that. Bob Rose is a member, and Functional Fitness is a film that he’s worked so hard on. It talks about kind of the CrossFit lifestyle.

You need to check that out- but a group of- sidebar there, sidebar there, Bob- but the group aspect is we get a group of people together, and, again, we’re going to be doing this with M/M. We’re going to get the Facebook group going, and we’re going to connect people together so that you have a group that can help you with mindfulness. But it is an area I just want to bring it into your awareness. We’re going to get into it more here at Morning Coach. I think it’s one of the most important things we can do.

Having a Mindfulness Practice Bring Peace and Awareness

[00:10:38] Remember, the two key areas that we need to focus on, is focus on our energy and focus on our peace. And when we do those two things, then everything else works out. The money works. The finances work. Everything else works. But we gotta focus on those two areas in order for us to really connect to something that’s deeper and then create the awareness, so that we can get and make the proper decisions in where we’re going and where we’re going to focus on, which is so important.

Mindfulness Practice and Your Goals

[00:11:07] And, as you know, that’s my big thing. I think the biggest issue we have right now in personal development, kind of the goal-setting, self-help movement, is that people really don’t know what they want until they’re setting all these goals and going after things. In truth, those aren’t the things they really want in their life. So, we’ve got to find a way for us to connect to something that’s really strong; something that’s really powerful and is going to help us move forward. And, that is becoming more mindful and then knowing what direction we want to go instead of going after things that other people want us to go after and not what we truly want from an observer standpoint. OK?

[00:11:50] So, let’s take some time to become a little mindful today. Let’s get out there and do it. Tomorrow, we’re going to talk about Zen Mind, which is going to be great. We’ll have some fun with that. And if you haven’t had a chance, you know, as I said, jump in to Go check out our sponsors. Also, if you haven’t visited the site in a while, we have got a lot going on over there. We’ve got a member directory, now, we’re putting together. If you haven’t got yourself in that, that’s if you’re looking for something. We’ve had everybody starting to come in. You know, they’re putting their information in which is great. We’ve got a podcast directory. So, if you’re looking for a particular issue, you can look it up on the website.

We’re now blogging consistently on there, so there’s some great articles and ideas. We have our sponsor page, so you can go check out our sponsors and help our sponsors. We’ve got an Ask page if you’ve got a question for me. You can either record it and I’ll actually bring it on this show, or you can put it in a comment there and ask a question. So, there’s so many really awesome things happening here.

And I appreciate you, because if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to do this. OK? And our sponsors, too, and Good Morning Snore Solution is a new one. Love for you to go check them out at OK? So, get out there. Go have a great day. I love you. I do. Sending you massive energy. Tomorrow, we’re going to rock it. We’re going to be talking about Zen Mind, so don’t miss it. But go have a great day, and let’s rock this thing, tomorrow, right here on

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