“Lets make the world a better place together, through understanding and education” – JB Glossinger

What is a launch?

When you make changes to your business, put out something new, get excited about it.

It pushes the value of your product up with supply and demand economics. When there is less supply, there is more demand. When there is more demand, the value of the product goes up.

Next Weeks Launch

We’re launching the new ILD system and MorningCoach next week! This means taking free content off the internet and giving it to paying members. This will allow for more time focused on those committed to being involved in MorningCoach. As well as helping others make that next step in their lives.

ILD Mindset – Searching for true Freedom

We’re looking for those people that want freedom. People who are ready for the ILD lifestyle, mindset, quality of life, friendships, and relationships. The ILD course has been a special core focus at MorningCoach and this launch will allow for the growth of that course.

What Are We Doing?

For the next ten years the focus at MorningCoach is going to be the IC (Inner Circle), ILD, and MorningCoach. IC and ILD are smaller learning groups, while MorningCoach is a larger daily mindset motivation piece. Along with these, we will focus on writing more books.


By making these materials more exclusive it allows JB to live his ILD lifestyle. By weeding out those who are not committed to the lessons, he has more time to work with the dedicated students. More time can be put toward coaching and work with those who are in the smaller IC and ILD groups as JB plans for “semi-retirement” later on.

What Do I Need To Do?

What do you need to do after the launch? Make sure you are logged into the MorningCoach.com. Otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the MorningCoach podcast anymore. Sign up for the new ILD membership. A special offer will be made to those who are among the first one-hundred to sign up. The course only allows for two-hundred people. Go to the new home page, add your email!

ILD Membership

The ILD membership includes a free ticket to our Annual ILD Bootcamp event with JB. This membership also includes weekly participation with JB. It also includes daily access to the MorningCoach podcast. There are also other levels of membership that will be available next week with the launch.

A launch is a way to get people moving and excited about changing their life. You have to invest in yourself in order to improve your life. If you put a percentage of your money into your ILD life, you’re going to be able to create amazing changes in your life.

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