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A few weeks ago we started the Sacred 6 year end 14-week plan for 2019! 

The purpose of this plan is to give you a roadmap for creating your best life ever in 2019.  

By developing a plan,  you get focused and realize what it is you are really going after in 2019.  I have put the entire plan below, but I wanted to start putting some of mine up here as an example. 

The first thing that is needed is clarity!  

We want to simplify what it is you want to experience next year.   Then, we use the Sacred 6 process to help you create a plan for your best year ever! 

This process comes from my book, The Sacred 6.   You can pick up the Sacred 6 Worksheet on the home page or you can buy the book itself on Amazon for a deeper look at the process. Sacred 6 on Amazon.

For 2019 my overall mission is to:

I will get in the best shape of my life since I am turning 50. I will become a single digit handicap golfer. I will also have more discipline with my morning routine, limit my casual drinking and build the new focus of my business. That focus is coaching, putting 50+ people in our Round Table Mastermind, 20+ in Inner Circle. Build the retreats and other events. I will also finish my fourth book, and get my fiction series started.

As you can see, this gives me some clear focus on what I need to start working on to put the plan together. 

In order to create metaphysical alignment, I need to match my values with these goals.

My current top 6 values are:

1. Family
2. Faith
3. Freedom
4. Community
5. Contribution
6. Strategic Growth

These values will help me in my decision making as I get further into the plan. I will be discussing this on the CoachCast and also in the videos and here on the blog so we can together put a solid plan together. The idea is to lead by example and show you the progress as I hit the items in the mission.

This week we have been speaking about inner demons and my major one I will be working on this year is casual drinking. It just makes me lethargic and some days and lazy. I will combat it in 2 ways.

1. I am strengthening my AM routine. By establishing an earlier wake up I will force myself to stay away from drinking.

2. The other way will be by substitution. I will be focusing on writing, reading, or other activities that are more productive than the casual drinking side of things.

14 Week Plan is Outlined Below…

As you can see by the plan below the idea is to have everything down to the daily tasks in place by Jan 1, 2019.   I will continue to update you on how I break down my plan in order to manifest the experience that I want.

Few things you need to do now:

1. Start NOW!  Of course, this outline will work at any time of the year, but you can join the group and get ready to Rock 2019 by looking at the dates below.
2. Sign up for updates so you get when I post new ideas.
3. Subscribe to the Youtube Channel so you will get updates for new videos also.

I appreciate you being a part of what we are doing here at MC! 

If you have any questions about coaching, Round Table, IC or our events (We have an amazing one coming up in Feb 2019),  don’t be shy… Shoot us a message by clicking here and we are happy to get with you on anything you need. You can also comment below.

The 14 Week Plan Utilizing the Sacred 6 Process
(Starting Oct 1, 2018)

Mission & Values – Clarity

1. Oct 1: Organization week – What do we want in 2019 – what is it going to look like
2. Oct 8: Clean up values – what is important?
3. Oct 15: What is the mission? Clarity – what are we accomplishing in 2019
4. Oct 22: Discovery week, dealing with Inner Demons, focus on growth. Also, start Trusted Advisors list. – Who can help, who is our coach, who are we masterminding with?
5. Oct 29: Tools & resources week (What are we using, planning, notes, etc)

Goals & Plan

6. Nov 5: What are the goals, more important what are the whys?
7. Nov 12: What are the reach goals – dream week (Fun week) if everything goes perfectly!
8. Nov 19: Setting up the goal plan this week
9. Nov 26: Prioritization – what are the 6 things we are focusing on this year? What is on the long-term list (Bucket list)

Daily To Do’s Action Plan

10. Dec 3: Setting up the daily to-dos (Daily Sacred 6)
11. Dec 10: What are our consistency measures and other metrics (Plan – Do – Check – Act)
12. Dec 17: Vacuum law of prosperity week – let go (What are we letting go of?)
13. Dec 24: Mental break
14. Dec 31: Plan in place – execution begin

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Thanks for taking the time to be a part of the awesome energy that we are putting out together.

Love that you’re doing this because it’s the model I want to build my own plan around. Listening every day and aligning with Sacred Six as we head down the home stretch to 2019. About time for another Sacred Six Journal too! Thanks JB and MC Team!

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