“Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.” – Napoleon Hill

There has been a shift in recent years from producing tons of content to “give me the content”. If you’re really busy, you don’t want to be spending hours studying, you want a simple check list. So at MorningCoach, we are moving towards helping people build a lifestyle and have more time. Today, we’ll be talking about how creating influence for others will also create prosperity.

Don’t Try to Please Everyone

When creating this influence the lives of others the first thing you should recognize is that you won’t please everyone. Focus on a core group of people who you can create value for. This way you won’t have to worry about trying to please everyone. That’s impossible. You want your content to push away the people who don’t understand you or value you.

Focus On The Few

The content you create for people should not be for everyone. In fact, it should be there to narrow down the group of people you actually want to work with. Narrowing down the group of people you work with will allow you to find those committed to the content. With those who want what you have to offer, you will waste fewer resources and propel each other forward.

Financial Freedom

5,000$ to 15,000$ a month, in residual and passive income, is freedom. You don’t need an income in the millions to live a lifestyle of freedom, as long as you strategically build your income around that consistent core group of people. When you get rid of those who drain your energy, you will find that any desperation to have them stick around is gone. You can work with a small amount of people and have a dream life. You want 1000 true fans.

Create Content

So how do you find that consistent core group? You find them through your content production, blogging, talking, meeting people, etc. Through content you can invite people in, but simultaneously figure out whether working with them would be a productive thing. This is why so many people miss out on the ILD life, cause they’re trying to please everyone.

How Does This Apply?

How does this apply to my career? You want to be able to influence people around you to have more prosperity. You do this by working with the people around you in your company that are going to allow you to move forward.

How to you create more influence? Learn new skills, implement new systems, and become more productive. Learn to listen. Being seen as someone who adds value will lead to greater prosperity. You have influence when people know, trust and respect you. That’s true power.

Create Efficiency

When creating content and working with others, make it fast and efficient, and keep it positive. If the content becomes a chore, then it becomes a negative stress. By keeping people’s busy lives in mind and creating shorter content you give them a chance to actively participate in your content. Give them their time back, while giving them the lifestyle they want!

Get to the Point

How do you create more influence? Develop new skills and create value for people… a small specific group of people. Focus on your core group and work to get your message to your people. Focus on the people who get you and who value your knowledge and skills.

Create content which attracts your people and pushes away everyone else. Change your approach to provide quick and efficient value. That way, your people can implement one idea quickly and make progress towards their goals.

Respect the value of time… we want to help others get back their most important resource… their time!

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