“One person can make the difference, leading one person at a time” – JB Glossinger

Leadership is something we can all learn and get better at. In this article, we discuss why it is so important to improve our leadership skills. We also discuss how to be a better leader for your tribe. Your tribe could be your family, friends, workgroup, or just a group of like minded people, but we all need to strive to be better leaders.

A Leader Is Not A Friend
To truly help others you have to do what is constructive not what is nice. Naturally we are inclined to want everyone to be friends with everyone. A leader knows that being a leader is more important than being a friend.


Right From Wrong
As a leader we have to have the skills and abilities to know right from wrong. You are not there to judge others, but you should be able to have a discussion with them about how you feel. Or you shouldn’t have those people in your life. If they can’t recognize right and wrong they will just end up sucking the energy out of you.


The Customer Isn’t Always Right

For large customer service corporations “the customer is always right” may work, but not for ILD businesses. In smaller ILD style businesses treating people as if they are always right could possibly put you out of business.

Focus on finding your tribe. The group of people who are searching for the value that you have to offer. They’re out there, searching for you, and you want to weed out the people who don’t find value in your business.

Then lead by example. Do what you think is best for your business… that is true leadership.

Lead By Example

Be authentic, be real, and have a voice. In order to have that voice you have to show some sort of social proof that you deserve it. You have to have some sort of posture and presence. Lead by example, becoming the person you need to be.

First, focus on improving your health. By being healthy you can maintain the energy it takes to be a leader.

Second, learn to admit when you make a mistake. Being humble isn’t a sign of weakness. It allows for teamwork and trust. This actually draws in the right group of people who want to follow your leadership.

Family And Friends

How do you deal with family and friends that are hard to handle? It all starts with having truthful conversations. Be there for them. Listen to what they have to say with an open mind.

Build a relationship so that you can start to view them differently. Share information with them that may be hard to share. You can never know whether they will change or not until you take the chance to find out.

Address Problems

Are there things out there that you want to see changed in the world? Go out and be apart of the change. A true leader will take action to change the world they live in.

Leaders don’t complain! Complaining is not how leaders accomplish what they want. Every leader can have moment, but make sure not to be talking negatively to those under you in business. Complains go up the chain of command, not sideways. This way issues can be taken care of and fixed. Otherwise, negativity only creates a toxic group environment.

Leaders also set strong boundaries and expectations for the group.

Posture, Presence, and Energy!

This is how you get people to listen to you. Use the body language and energy you enter a room with to catch attention. Once you have that attention give value to whatever situation you are in and then people will want to listen. When people really listen is when you can really make changes in their life.

Focus on improving your leader ship skill, because when you are a great leader, you have that halo effect creating a great impact in the lives of those around you. When people really listen, you can really help them make massive changes in their life!

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