One of the topics that we discussed at the Round Table Mastermind was about How to Prioritize.

This was specifically addressing how to organize and implement all the great information that we get when we attend a mastermind meeting…
it’s like trying to drink from a fire hose!

However, we did some brainstorming, and these ideas would work for any situation where it’s important to stay organized and approach a task in a logical manner.

Q: How do you prioritize when you come to an event?
I’ve got a notebook full of ideas, what do I focus on when I go home?


Look at the time, energy, and interest in each idea.
Do the quick and easy first, focus on making progress.
If brain power is needed – needs to be in morning.
Put stars by the ones that are realistic.

Lee K

Review notes and create a to do list.
Compare to-do list with what fits w/ Sacred 6 and mission.
Shelve some ideas and maybe they’ll work at another time.


Prioritize the struggle (Eat the Frog).
I have to stop making excuses. Put big girl pants on and just do it.
Just put the hardest thing at the top of the list.


If it’s not pushing my goals forward, drop it.
Make time for me.
Create a balance in life.
Take care of yourself first.


Not eating the frog! Sometimes there is too much struggle in life!
Want to have energy and fun every day.
Do the things that match my strengths
Do the things that are easy and fun.


Find gadgets and technology to help you prioritize.
Currently using LiveScribe – records notes, helps to capture important details in meetings
Technology can be your friend.


Daily Task List + Meditation:
After reviewing my task list, I take a few minutes to relax and just be.
Listen for that inner voice to help me confirm or rearrange my priorities.
Often guided by my Intuition.

That’s it for today!
What I realized from this brainstorming session was how we each had such an individual process.
There’s no one “right” way to prioritize.
But, the connecting theme was that we EACH take the time to prioritize every day!

I’ll have more notes from our event ready in a few days!
I’m also collecting biographies so that I can introduce you in more detail to our amazing Round Table Mastermind Members!

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